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Greater North Park

The Greater North Park Community Plan Update

The City of San Diego is embarking on an update to the 1986 Greater North Park Community Plan concurrently with updates to the community plans for Golden Hill and Uptown. The City's community plans are long range planning documents established as essential components of the General Plan. The community plan update process will develop the community-specific detail, relevant policies, and implementation strategies necessary to fulfill General Plan objectives. The General Plan sets out a long-range vision and policy framework to guide future development, provide public services, and maintain the qualities that define San Diego over the next 20+ years. The recent update to the General Plan shifts focus from how to develop vacant land to how to design infill development and reinvest in existing communities. This focus is reflected throughout the Plan, including such topics as sustainable development, urban design, the provision of public services & facilities, mobility and historic preservation.

News and Updates

Updated April 23, 2015

DRAFT North Park Community Plan Update Historic Preservation Element

The DRAFT North Park Community Plan Update Historic Preservation Element is available for review and comment and will be included in this draft form as part of the Public Draft of the North Park Community Plan Update being released with the concurrent updates of the Uptown and Golden Hill Community Plan in May 2015.

DRAFT North Park Community Plan Update Urban Design Element

The public draft of the Urban Design Element of the North Park Community Plan Update is available for review and comment. Other elements of the Uptown Community Plan Update are forthcoming and will be released for public review and comment as they are completed.  Input will be considered by City staff and shared with the North Park Planning Committee who will review the DRAFT Urban Design Element and provide input/recommendation at a subsequent noticed meeting. Please forward comments to:

Marlon I. Pangilinan, Senior Planner
City of San Diego
Planning Department
1222 1st Avenue MS-413
San Diego, CA  92130

Streetcar Feasibility Study

The Uptown Streetcar Feasibility Study has been completed and the Final Report is available to be viewed at the following link:

Streetcar Feasibility Study: Open House

With funding provided by the Uptown Community Parking District, a streetcar feasibility study is being conducted in association with the plan update cluster to examine constraints and opportunities with reintroducing a future streetcar line that would create connections between Hillcrest, Bankers Hill/Park West, North Park, Downtown, and eventually connect with other future lines studied in the past.  Planning staff will be hosting an Open House event on the Uptown Streetcar Feasibility Study on Saturday, March 1st at the St. Paul’s Cathedral Guild Room located at 2728 Sixth Avenue from 10am to 2pm.  The public is welcome to attend at any time during this event as staff will be providing information on the various as of the study and gathering input from the public on what goals should the streetcar serve, the type of streetcar desired, the location of stations, and what the streetcar routes should be. Please view the Open House flier and Streetcar Presentation for more information.

Community Plan Update Discussion Drafts

Discussion Drafts of the Uptown, North Park, and Greater Golden Hill Community Plan Updates have been provided to each of the respective Community Planning Groups for comment. These Discussion Drafts are a work-in-progress and serve as “preliminary drafts” to allow each respective Community Planning Group, as well as the Planning Commission to provide comment on the overall development of the draft plan updates prior to the to the release of the official public drafts.  The Discussion Drafts were discussed as an information item at the December 19, 2013 Planning Commission hearing.  The staff report and associated documents can be viewed on the Planning Commission - Reports page.

The Discussion Drafts can be viewed below:

December 13, 2012 Planning Commission Workshop – Status of Community Plan Updates Report:

North Park Community Planning Group CPU Workshop – May 9, 2013

Potential changes to the Proposed Land Use Map were discussed and considered with the public.   A final recommendation is anticipated to be provided at the next North Park Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday, May 21 st starting at 6:30pm at 2901 North Park Way, 2 nd Floor.  The following contains background information related to the land use discussion:

The following is a presentation given by Andy Hamilton representing Walk San Diego and the San Diego Air Pollution Control District regarding insights and ideas on how to improve the livability of North Park and San Diego’s communities:

At the March 19, 2013 meeting of the North Park Planning Committee (NPPC) meeting Park Planning staff presented an initial evaluation of population-based park ideas received by the public during the plan update charrette. These park ideas were rated High, Moderate, or Low by staff based on evaluation criteria.  The NPPC has been asked to review staff’s recommendations, provide input, and prioritization of these park ideas. This input along with staff’s analysis will assist in creating policies and recommendations in the Recreation Element of the North Park Community Plan Update for potential park sites, identify specific park sites on the plan land use map, and create corresponding project sheets in the Public Facilities Financing Plan (PFFP) for the Greater North Park community. The NPPC is expected to provide their recommendation to the City at the April 9, 2013 meeting.

At the September 18, 2012 meeting of the North Park Planning Committee (NPPC) staff gave a presentation showing examples of residential densities associated with development projects that were either built, in-construction, or approved in order to give the community an idea of what certain densities could look like. This portion of the presentation was meant to inform the planning group’s consideration of the DRAFT North Park Community Land Use Map. The presentation also covered the existing buildings heights within the community (to be discussed more fully during the implementation portion of the plan update process) as well as a short discussion regarding “contextual planning“ as way to evaluate the DRAFT land use map.

The Draft Planned Land Use map was presented at the May 15, 2012 North Park Planning Committee (NPPC). The map illustrates the new land use designations and residential density ranges resulting from the conversion of the 1988 community plan land use designations to the land use designations recommended by the 2008 General Plan. A response to questions was also presented to address questions from the NPPC related to the format of the North Park Community Plan Update.


Note: There are no monthly meetings of the Community Plan Update Advisory Committee as City staff is currently drafting the update to the community plan.  Staff will continue to provide status reports at the Greater North Park Community Planning Committee meetings.  Agendas for these meetings are located on the Agendas page.

Park and Recreation Needs Assessment Survey

A park and recreation needs assessment survey was conducted in the Uptown, North Park, and Greater Golden Hill Community Plan Update efforts to assess overall parks and recreation useage, attitudes, opinions, and preferences.  The final report can be viewed at following link:

8th CPUAC Meeting April 20, 2011
Historic Resources Survey and Conservation Areas Open House Saturday, March 19th

9:00am to 1:30pm
Balboa Park Club Santa Fe Room

7th CPUAC Meeting February 16, 2011
6th CPUAC Meeting - January 19, 2011
North Park 3-Day Charrette

Please join the effort to develop the vision for the Uptown community.  The City of San Diego is holding a 3-day charrette process to develop plan alternatives for the North Park Community Plan Update.  All meetings are open to the public.

DAY 3 Closing Day Session Saturday, October 16

The final day of the charrette will include a presentation on the results of the historic survey and how other conservation areas are used in other cities.  The results of the community character mapping efforts will also be shared, in addition participants will also engage in an exercise identifying conservation areas in the community.  Presentation and discussion will also take place regarding the urban design, mobility and parks and open space concepts developed in the 3-day charrette process.

DAY 2 Mid-week Session Wednesday, October 13

Topics and activities will include identifying and discussing priorities and preferences related to mobility and reviewing the input/ideas related to developing the park and open space strategy.

DAY 1 Opening Session Saturday, October 2

Topics and activities will deal with discussing the CPU process to-date; presentation of existing conditions maps; a visual preference survey on design elements; the development of community plan guiding principles; and a series of workshop exercises related to urban design.

North Park Community Plan Update Workshop Agenda August 18, 2010
Mobility Open House  July 28th, 2010
Open Mic Presentations Event #3 Presentations July 19, 2010
North Park Community Plan Update Public Workshop Agenda July 21, 2010

Historic Resources Survey Open House June 28, 2010

5th CPUAC Meeting May 19, 2010

Community members were asked to initially identify areas that they currently use for recreation as well as areas where potential park opportunities exist.  The following maps illustrate this input:

"Open Mic" Presentations April 26, 2010
4th CPUAC Meeting April 21, 2010

Community members were asked to initially identify areas of stability and transition within the North Park Community.  Participants were asked to consider these areas based on demographics, built form, economics, cultural, and other factors. The following maps illustrate this input:

Cluster Meeting & Workshop Presentation: The following presentation was given at the March 20, 2010 Cluster Meeting & Workshop.  The presentation outlined the general project schedule of the community plan updates, the historic survey work program for all three communities, and existing conditions & best practices related to urban design.  The overall presentation has been divided into its different sections for manageability.

At the Cluster Meeting/Workshop, community members were asked to identify shared issues as part of the existing conditions effort for the Uptown, North Park, and Greater Golden Hill plan updates.  These issues have been depicted on maps by community participants and can be viewed at the following links:

Cluster Update Meeting/Workshop: Uptown, North Park, and Greater Golden Hill community members, please mark your calendars to attend the upcoming Cluster Meeting where we will be discussing shared issues as they relate to the topics of Urban Design and Historic Preservation among the three communities.  Under these topics we will be addressing existing conditions, design strategies, and the historic survey work program.  This meeting is open to the public.

The meeting will be held at:

The Hall of Champions in Balboa Park

Saturday, March 20 th, 2010
From 9:00am to 2:00pm

Continental breakfast will be served at 8:30am and lunch will be provided. 


The North Park community is invited to take a self guided tour to consider various sites/issues in the community.  This assignment builds upon the previous issues identification work conducted with the North Park CPUAC and participating members of the community, and will contribute to the overall work being conducted for the plan update effort.  Included in the tour are some questions about these sites/issues that we would like you to consider and discuss at the next CPUAC meeting.  Community members are encouraged to complete the tour prior to the next CPUAC meeting to be held on Wednesday, February 17th(Time and location to be determined).

The following are links to the presentations provided at the November and December 2009 North Park CPUAC meetings:

The December 2009 North Park Community Plan Update Advisory Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 15 th in Room 2 of the War Memorial Building in Balboa Park from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

As part of the Greater North Park Community Plan Update (CPU), community members are encouraged submit photos and/or statements regarding what they see as their likes, dislikes, threats, and opportunities in the community.  City staff and consultants will utilize this information to design a community self-guided tour with the purpose of exposing and informing all residents and participants about the issues in the North Park community.

All participants in this community assignment are instructed to clearly identify the location (address or cross streets) of photos and include a caption or description.  All participants are encouraged to utilize the following worksheet to identify where photos and issues were documented.  All submission shall be provided electronically or through the self-addressed, stamped envelope to the individual listed on the worksheet.  In order to accommodate a December 2009 North Park CPUAC meeting, all photos/statements are due on Sunday, December 6 th to allow staff to organize all submission.

The following is the proposed schedule for the Greater North Park Community Plan Update.  At this time, the second North Park CPUAC meeting is being contemplated for Tuesday, December 15 th subject to venue availability.  Notice of the 2 nd CPUAC meeting will be provided to the community as soon as it is finalized consistent with the Brown Act.

The first North Park Community Plan Update Advisory Committee (CPUAC) Meeting to discuss the update to the Greater North Park Community Plan is scheduled for:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
North Park Community Senior Center,
2719 Howard Avenue
Time: 5:30pm to 7:30pm

The City is currently soliciting applications for interested individuals and entities to participate on the North Park Community Plan Update Advisory Committee (CPUAC).  The CPUACs primary role is to convene the public discussion on the Greater North Park Community Plan Update and gather input that is representative of diverse interests and perspectives of the community.  The CPUAC will provide the City with feedback and recommendations throughout the community plan update process and all meetings will be open to the public.

The following links contain the CPUAC application form as well as the eligibility requirements and selection process for those interested in participating on the CPUAC:

The Consultant Agreements to provide professional urban design services for the Uptown-North Park-Golden Hill Community Plan Updates will be presented at the Land Use & Housing Committee on Wednesday, June 3.

The Consultant Agreements to provide professional services in public outreach and urban design for the Uptown-North Park-Golden Hill Community Plan Updates will be discussed at Land Use and Housing Committee on Wednesday, May 20, 2009.

January 28, 2009 Initial Public Meeting to discuss the plan update process with City staff

Community Plan Update Advisory Committee membership: The North Park Planning Committee is forming a subcommittee for the plan update by March or April, 2009. The subcommittee will consist of Planning Committee members plus non-members. To ensure diverse membership, seats will be identified categorically by interest (e.g. resident, business, institution, non-profit /community organization). An interest list is being formed to survey possible membership categories.

There is also an interest form to be a volunteer for the historic resources survey:

The Greater North Park Community is located in the central portion of the City of San Diego and is in close proximity to downtown San Diego. Greater North Park abuts the community planning areas of Uptown on the west, Mission Valley on the north, Mid-City on the east and Golden Hill on the south.

Greater North Park is one of the older urbanized communities in San Diego with original subdivisions being recorded just after the turn of the century. Home to hundreds of classic California Style Craftsman houses, Greater North Park maintains its strong residential character in its tree-lined parkways, wide streets and charming canyon cul-de-sacs. The retro style of its major business corridors along University Avenue, 30th Street and El Cajon Boulevard hark back to the 1950s.

Today, with booming revitalization underway, the business district is recapturing much of the earlier magic that defined this proud and historic community. Efforts by the community in coordination with the City to redevelop the Greater North Park Commercial Core area has attracted a variety of new businesses and has made the area around University Avenue and 30th Street a vibrant and pedestrian friendly shopping district.

Additional Plan Documents

North Park Historical Survey

The University Avenue Mobility Plan is a follow-up study to a conceptual plan completed in 2002 by the firm of KTU&A. The purpose of the study is to transform University Avenue in North Park into a more transit and pedestrian friendly street.