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Bicycle Program

The Bicycle Program is a group of dedicated bicycle advocates working in partnership with public and private agencies and bicycle organizations around the country. Short and long-term goals of the program are to develop and maintain the safest and most convenient bike way system possible in the City of San Diego.

News - updated 6/10/14

San Diego Bike Loop Map Released

Bike Sharing

DecoBike is the "Official Bikesharing Provider of the City of San Diego". DecoBike will provide the City, via a Partnership Agreement, with a privately funded public Bikesharing Program valued at approximately $8 million, with DecoBike funding, operating and maintaining the Program. The Program is expected to launch in the summer of 2014, and will generate great benefit to the community with the goal of reducing parking and traffic congestion, as well as air pollution. It will be implemented citywide. For more information, please visit:

Additional information about bike sharing can be found on the City's Bike Sharing page.

Bicycle Facilities

There are three types of bicycle facilities: bike paths, bike lanes, and bike routes. Bike paths are separate "roads" for bicycles, and are reserved exclusively for non-motorized traffic. Bike lanes are marked along existing roadways with special regulatory signs and painted bicycle lanes and pavement. Bike routes are suggested bicycle routes through the City. They are marked by green "bike route" signs, but have no other signs, stripes or markings separating bicycle traffic from vehicular traffic.

Bike lanes and routes are relatively easy to install and modify, simply by adding the necessary signs and pavement markings. Creating new bike paths is a much more costly and complex process. To build a new bike path, the City must go through a planning and environmental review process, and acquire the necessary permits from State, local, and Federal agencies. It can cost up to $1 million per mile to build a new bike path. Every year, the City Bicycle Program obtains Local, State and Federal grants to construct new bike paths. Input from the public helps us to determine which projects are most urgently needed. We also install support facilities such as bicycle racks and lockers.


Sharrows - new road markings asking drivers and bicyclists to share the road - are being added to streets throughout the City. The new markings are designed to help guide bicycle riders on recreation and commuting routes between neighborhoods. They are also another example of how the City will be improving bike infrastructure throughout the City.

Sharrows were added to the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CA MUTCD) in 2005 after a successful pilot project conducted in the City of San Francisco in 2004. Sharrows were also successfully added to the Federal Highway Administration Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (FHWA MUTCD) in 2009. These important listings allow the City of San Diego to use sharrows as a way to help drivers and bicycle riders share the road.

Additional information about sharrows can be found on the City's Sharrows page.

Request a Bike Rack

To request a bike rack in front of your business, please send an email with the following information to

  1. Name of Business
  2. Contact Name
  3. Telephone Number
  4. Email Address
  5. Street Address of proposed rack location
  6. Number of racks being requested
  7. Any additional info on the rack location details that may be useful for City staff evaluation

Rack requests should come from the fronting business owner. If you know of a business that would benefit from having a bike rack, please ask the business owner to follow the process above.

General Info on the City’s Bike rack Program

Once the request information for a rack is submitted it will be evaluated by City staff. The requestor will be notified of the evaluation results within 60 days of their request. Racks will be approved and installed as space allows. Racks, installation and maintenance will be provided by the City for approved locations. The following are examples of locations that are not acceptable for City bike rack installations:

  1. Narrow sidewalks
  2. On private property
  3. On asphalt, grass, gravel, brick or other surfaces that will not allow secure rack installation. (Racks need to be installed on a concrete surface)
  4. Residential addresses
  5. Bus Stops
  6. Locations that have conflicts with storm drains, parked vehicles, utility boxes
  7. Locations in Downtown and Little Italy (Please contact Daniel Reeves of Civic San Diego at to request a rack at these locations)

The City will be providing the following style and color of rack for approved locations:

If you have any questions regarding the bike rack program, please contact Thomas Landre at

Bicycle Related Contact Information

Request a San Diego County Bike Map or information on bicycle lockers: Visit icommutesd or call 511 and say, "icommute."

Report a lost or stolen bike: San Diego Police (619) 531-2000.

Report vehicles illegally parked in bike lanes or bike paths: (619) 684-1400.

Contact the City of San Diego Bicycle Coordinator, Thomas Landre: (619) 533-3045