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Water Conservation

Free California-Friendly Landscape Class set for Sept. 27

A more attractive and water-efficient yard sounds enticing, doesn't it? Need more inspiration? Then sign up for a FREE California-Friendly Landscape Class!

The San Diego Public Utilities Department is partnering with the San Diego County Water Authority and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to offer a free training class on WaterSmart landscaping. The class introduces a holistic approach to landscape design and maintenance that emphasizes water-use efficiency. This class does not discuss specific plants, but provides a solid foundation regarding landscape planning before selecting plants.

The three-hour seminars are fast-paced and informative. They offer solutions to common landscape problems. Participants will learn to think about landscapes from the soil up. In addition, they will learn how to design landscapes that are sustainable in the San Diego climate. Class topics will include how to make the best use of the region's limited rainfall, irrigate efficiently and choose the best plants for each yard.

The class will take place on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014 from 9 a.m. until noon at the Serra Mesa Library, 9005 Aero Drive, San Diego, 92123. To enroll, please e-mail more information please call (619) 533-4238. For information about all of the free WaterSmart landscaping classes in the County, please visit: Water Smart California Friendly Landscape Training Class.

Surveys & Rebate Programs Available Now!

Residential and Commercial Water Surveys

Leaks and over irrigation can cause significant waste. The City of San Diego offers free Water Conservation services:

For a survey appointment and more information, call (619) 570-1999, or email

June 1 through October 31 Watering Restrictions

June 1 marks the day where City of San Diego water irrigation times change to accommodate the longer and warmer days of summer. From June 1 through October 31, when the weather is hotter, customers must water their landscape prior to 10 a.m. in the morning, and not until after 6:00 p.m. in the evening, to lessen evaporation and get the most out of your water use.

When water timers are set correctly, customers are using water more efficiently. For more information on water conservation and the City's landscape watering calculator, which helps customers determine the amount of water use according to their specific landscape design, visit the Waste No Water Information and Resources page.

Tools to Help Eliminate Water Waste

A Landscape Watering Calculator is available here, to help you determine how long to water your landscape.

In addition, the San Diego County Water Authority offers a Residential Household Water Use Calculator to help residents estimate how much water they use in their homes, and provides practical tips for conserving.

Rebate Programs

The City's Public Utilities Department has residential and commercial outdoor rebate programs to help customers save in a big way. Funded primarily by state grants competitively sought and obtained by the City, the rebates are available to eligible single-family, multi-family and commercial customers on a first-come, first served basis. Click the icons to the right to learn more about micro-irrigation, turf removal and rainwater harvesting (rain barrels) rebates.