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Water Conservation

Surveys & Rebate Programs Available Now!

Residential and Commercial Water Surveys

Leaks and over irrigation can cause significant waste. The City of San Diego offers free Water Conservation services:

For a survey appointment and more information, call (619) 570-1999, or email

Be a Waterwise Gardener!
Enroll in a California Friendly Landscape Class

Learn 6 important ways to make your garden California Friendly. This class introduces a holistic and waterwise approach to residential gardens. No-cost, three-hour classes are offered periodically in San Diego County. The next available class is:

Saturday, April 5, 2014-9 am to 12 pm
Ocean Air Recreation Room
4770 Fairport Way. San Diego

Reserve your spot now! Please RSVP to 619.533.7548.

Click here to view the flyer for the class

This fast paced and informative class gets to the root of the problem with most gardens - the soil. You will learn to think about your garden from the soil up. We live in a unique climate, but often try to recreate a landscape that is neither sustainable or healthy for ourselves. The class will talk about how to use our limited rainfall wisely, irrigate efficiently, and hydrozone our plants.

Topics include:

  • Site analysis
  • Capturing rainfall
  • Soil type and improvement
  • Irrigation systems
  • Hydrozones
  • Plant choices and why (the class does not go into detail on plant types)

November through May Watering Restrictions

November 1 marks the day in which the City of San Diego water irrigation times change. From November 1 through May 31st, City customers can water their landscape as early as 4 p.m. The days are shorter, so the water lost to evaporation decreases.

By comparison, from June to October when we have the hotter months of the year, customers aren't allowed to use their irrigation systems until after 6 p.m. November is also a good time to think about cutting back on the amount of water you use for irrigation. Not as much is needed compared to the dog days of summer.

When water timers are set correctly, customers are using water more efficiently. For more information on water conservation and the City's landscape watering calculator, which helps customers determine the amount of water use according to their specific landscape design, visit the Waste No Water Information and Resources page.

Tools to Help Eliminate Water Waste

A Landscape Watering Calculator is available here, to help you determine how long to water your landscape.

In addition, the San Diego County Water Authority offers a Residential Household Water Use Calculator to help residents estimate how much water they use in their homes, and provides practical tips for conserving.

Rebate Programs

The City's Public Utilities Department has residential and commercial outdoor rebate programs to help customers save in a big way. Funded primarily by state grants competitively sought and obtained by the City, the rebates are available to eligible single-family, multi-family and commercial customers on a first-come, first served basis. Click the icons to the right to learn more about micro-irrigation, turf removal and rainwater harvesting (rain barrels) rebates.