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Rebate Programs

Photo of yard designed to conserv water

UPDATE: Due to high interest, funding for the grass replacement and micro-irrigation rebate programs has been exhausted. Rain barrel rebates are still available. Please check the San Diego County Water Authority's Turf Replacement Program and SoCal Water$mart Rebates pages for information on rebate programs offered through those agencies..

Several rebate programs are in place to assist City of San Diego customers with outdoor and indoor water conservation efforts. Replacing your lawn with sustainable landscaping or installing a drip irrigation system are big steps in reducing your water consumption, and rebates toward programs such as these serve as big incentives for such projects.

NOTE: If you live in the County (are not a City of San Diego customer) you should check with your own water agency's web site for rebate information or find details on the San Diego County Water Authority's Turf Replacement Program

Also, be sure to read all guidelines and rules associated with each program.

Rebates from City of San Diego

Rebate Description
Rain Barrel Rebates for barrels that catch and store rain water. For residential customers only.
Grass Replacement Receive rebates for removal of grass (lawn) that is replaced with water wise plant material (artificial turf does not quality). Rebates available for residential and commercial customers.
Micro-Irrigation Rebates for converting an overhead spray sprinkler system to low application rate micro-irrigation (i.e. drip, micro-spray, etc.). For residential and commercial customers.
Mulch from Miramar Greenery City of San Diego residents may load up to two cubic yards or mulch for free with proof of residency. For residential and commercial customers.

Rebates from Other Agencies

Rebate Description
SoCal Water$mart Rebates High-efficiency toilets, washers, WBICs (Smart Controllers), grass replacement, rotating sprinkler nozzles, rain barrels & other devices.