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Rebate Programs

Photo of yard designed to conserv water

Update: Update: Funding for the City of San Diego's Grass Replacement and Micro-Irrigation rebate programs has been exhausted and applications are no longer being accepted. We thank all of you who are participating in the rebates and for making the choice to go water-wise.

The City is, however, still accepting applications for rain barrel rebates. This program will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please visit the pages in the table below to learn more.

Rebates from City of San Diego

Rebate Description
Rain Barrel Rebates for barrels that catch and store rainwater. For residential customers only.
Grass Replacement
We are no longer accepting applications for our Grass Replacement Rebate.
Receive rebates for the removal of grass (lawn) that is replaced with water-wise plant material. Rebates available for residential and commercial customers.
We are no longer accepting applications for our Micro-Irrigation Rebate.
Rebates for converting an overhead spray sprinkler system to low-application rate micro-irrigation (i.e. drip, micro-spray, etc.). For residential and commercial customers.
Mulch from Miramar Greenery City of San Diego residents may load up to two cubic yards or mulch for free with proof of residency. For residential and commercial customers.

Rebates from Other Agencies

Rebate Description
SoCal Water$mart Rebates High-efficiency toilets, washers, WBICs (Smart Controllers), rotating sprinkler nozzles, rain barrels & other devices.

Report water waste by calling 619-533-5271 or email

General Water Conservation Information: 619-533-7485

For additional information, call 619-515-3516 or email