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Hundreds Gain Valuable Work Experience Through City's Paid Internship Program

The City of San Diego’s paid internship program reached a milestone with more than 700 people employed across a range of City operations.

The City’s Employ & Empower program, funded by the State of California Youth Job Corps, launched in the Summer of 2022 to provide underserved youth ages 16 to 30 an opportunity to gain valuable public service experience.

Student interns are employed in more than 30 City departments including the Library, Human Resources, Office of the Mayor, the City Attorney’s Office, Engineering and Capital Projects, Parks and Recreation, Fire-Rescue, City Planning and City Council Offices.

In June and July, 125 students took part in the Summer City Civics internship cohort. During the in-depth, City operations-focused program, students met with department staff and worked in teams to propose solutions to department challenges.

Eighty percent of Employ & Empower students come from a Community of Concern, 20% are high school students, and 80% come from universities, community colleges, trade schools and other varied education programs.

Not only are these student interns gaining valuable work experience, but 14% have transitioned to permanent employment with the City of San Diego.

Employ & Empower staff are looking forward to the Winter/Spring City Civics Internship Program, when paid student interns from e3 Civic HighMonarch School and Morse High School will gain valuable experience working for and learning about the City of San Diego.

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