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Mayor Gloria’s Executive Order Results in Over 600 New Homes Permitted So Far

Affordable Housing

As a result of the Executive Order signed by Mayor Todd Gloria in January, the City of San Diego’s Development Services Department (DSD) has issued permits for 628 new affordable homes and has another 1,271 in the pipeline undergoing expedited review. 

The Mayor’s executive order directed DSD and all other relevant city departments to substantially speed up permitting for 100% affordable housing projects by completing review in just 30 days. It also called for significant changes in the permitting process. In response, DSD launched a program that provided guaranteed review turnaround times and enhanced services that include access to specialized review staff, dedicated project managers, rapid issue resolution, and other customer service features that help projects reach approval more quickly. 

“My executive order directed our Development Services Department to complete in days what typically would take months – and I am proud that is happening today,” said Mayor Todd Gloria. “DSD has stepped up to meet the challenge of shaving months off permit times for new housing. Thanks to their hard work, hundreds more San Diego families will be able to have a roof over their head at a price they can afford.” 

The first five projects will construct between 79 and 230 units each in the communities of Encanto, Clairemont and Rancho Peñasquitos, for a total of 628 homes. The department’s robust response to Mayor Gloria’s executive order ensured that these projects, which each required multiple permits, also met tight deadlines for state funding - speeding the route to permanent housing for many San Diegans. 

This milestone is only the beginning, with 11 more 100%-affordable housing developments currently in review that will create another 1,271 affordable homes. 

“When Mayor Gloria challenged us to significantly speed processing times, we got down to business,” said Development Services Department Director Elyse W. Lowe. “Our team has been working hand-in-hand with applicants to help them comply with the building codes and land-use requirements, taking a collaborative approach to resolving any issues that come up, and providing the best possible customer service at every turn. DSD is committed to being part of the solution to the City’s housing crisis.” 

Since the inception earlier this year of Affordable Housing Permit Now, DSD has added 39 new employees dedicated to permitting residential projects, enabling the City to expedite permitting for 100% affordable housing developments without impacts to the project permit processing times of projects that don’t qualify for the program. In fact, the City anticipates that all housing permit timelines will improve as a result of new staff and increased efficiencies.  

To learn more about permitting affordable housing projects, visit the Affordable Housing Permit Now website. 

July 25, 2023