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Negotiations Advance for New Homeless Shelter and Services Campus 

Mayor Todd Gloria

kettner and vine homeless service campus

I remain committed to adding 1,000 beds to our shelter system. Homelessness is the number one issue facing our city, and this is a critical part of our multifaceted strategy to address homelessness by using short, medium and long-term solutions that meet people where they are.  

Negotiating such a large and ambitious project is complex and can't be achieved overnight, but we are on track and unwavering in our commitment to adding 1,000 beds to our City’s shelter system. 

We have taken significant steps to address the homelessness crisis in San Diego, dramatically expanding shelter options and enhancing prevention measures while simultaneously putting pro-housing policies into place to build more housing across every neighborhood of San Diego. 

Despite these efforts, too many of our residents still endure the dangers of living in unsafe encampments on our streets. We simply must continue to act with urgency to bring our unsheltered neighbors off the streets. 

The proposed facility is envisioned as a large-scale operation similar to the successful Operation Shelter to Home program the City initiated at the Convention Center during the pandemic, with a comprehensive range of wraparound services that are crucial not only for immediate shelter but also in supporting individuals' transition out of homelessness. 

This initiative complements our ongoing efforts to prevent homelessness, expand affordable housing, and enhance behavioral health services across the city. Actions taken to bolster these efforts include, but are not limited to:  

• Expanding street outreach and doubling the shelter options available to unsheltered San Diegans 

• Enhancing the Safe Parking Program and launching Safe Sleeping Programs 

• Implementing a Tenant Protection Ordinance and funding a legal-assistance program to prevent evictions 

• Accelerating the production of affordable housing through legislative actions and initiatives like Bridge to Home, which provides gap-financing assistance to affordable housing builders. 

• Advocating for statewide behavioral health reforms to improve care and support for our most vulnerable populations. 

As we push forward with the goal of adding 1,000 beds to our shelter system, I am committed to ensuring that this crucial effort becomes a cornerstone of our strategy to address homelessness comprehensively and compassionately by activating every opportunity we can.  


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