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The People and Projects Behind a Better Downtown

create the future

Downtown San Diego took center stage as the Downtown San Diego Partnership celebrated the innovators shaping its future at their annual Create the Future Awards

It was a night to recognize the work of individuals and the transformative projects propelling our city’s urban core forward. 

Among the distinguished honorees was Sarah Jarman, the City's Director of Homelessness Strategies and Solutions. 

Sarah's unwavering commitment and innovative approaches in addressing homelessness have not only garnered local recognition, but are now celebrated on a broader stage and looked to as an example by cities across the country that are looking to us as an example of how to tackle the complicated puzzle that is the homelessness crisis by taking it on from every possible angle.  

The City’s recently reopened Children's Park was among the recognized projects. This urban oasis has become a symbol of community and inclusivity, offering a space for Downtown residents (and their dogs!) to gather, play, and connect. 

The park is a testament to our commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all San Diegans. 

And on the horizon, the future Gaslamp Promenade caught the spotlight. This upcoming project holds the promise of helping our Gaslamp neighborhood remain a vibrant hub for food, entertainment and fun for years to come. By carving out more space for pedestrians in our Downtown, we are making room for residents and visitors alike to enjoy the small businesses that are the heart and soul of our urban core.  

These accolades from the Downtown Partnership underscore the collective spirit that fuels our City's growth. Together, we're shaping a Downtown that not only meets the needs of today, but also lays the foundation for a thriving future.