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State’s Encampment Resolution Funding is Helping City Move People into Housing

State’s Encampment Resolution Funding

Thanks to the State of California’s Encampment Resolution Funding program, California has cleared 5,679 encampments from the state right-of-way since July 1, 2021. This has moved people experiencing homelessness into housing.  

Here in San Diego, we’ve successfully secured three Encampment Resolution Funding grants, which we’ve put to work to help get people out of unsanitary encampments and into permanent housing. 

In 2022, the State awarded $2.45 million to the City of San Diego to help unsheltered residents in the East Village neighborhood move from homelessness to safe and stable housing. This year, we secured two more Encampment Resolution Funding grants, one for approximately $3.1 million to address encampments in City Heights and other Council District 9 communities, and another grant, in partnership with the County of San Diego and the City of Santee for $17 million, that will help us to clear an encampment located along the San Diego County riverbed corridor.  

Now, the State is making nearly $300 million available in another round of Encampment Resolution Funding to help cities continue to relocate even more people from encampments into housing.  

My administration will apply for this and other funding opportunities so we can continue to be highly focused on addressing encampments that are unsanitary and unsafe for both the people living in them and the communities around them.