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Convoy Street Resurfacing Underway

map that highlights where convoy will be resurfaced

The City of San Diego will begin resurfacing Convoy Street on Tuesday night, Sept. 12, following a recently completed water and wastewater pipe replacement project. During the length of the project, crews will be applying asphalt overlay resurfacing to approximately three miles of road on Convoy Street from the SR-52 on-ramp to Kearny Mesa Road.  

This road repair is part of Mayor Todd Gloria’s “Sexy Streets” initiative and aims to improve accessibility for San Diegans traveling through this busy corridor.  

“Residents and visitors have waited far too long for fixes to this major thoroughfare, which connects them to the restaurants and other small businesses in this growing cultural district,” Mayor Todd Gloria said. “This repaving project is part of my administration’s plan to address years long underinvestment in our infrastructure and to make certain every community has quality streets.”

The resurfacing work beginning tonight is the first of two phases that are set to be completed by spring 2024. In this first phase, resurfacing along Convoy Street will start at the SR-52 on-ramp and continue southbound to Dagget Street then switch over to the northbound lanes. The second phase will continue resurfacing along Convoy Street from Dagget Street to Kearny Mesa Road. 

Asphalt overlay consists of installing a new one to three-inch layer of asphalt on top of the existing street surface after it has been ground down or “milled.” The work will take place Mondays through Fridays from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Access to businesses and residences along Convoy Street will remain open during construction.  

“As Chair of the Active Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Councilmember representing District 6, I am thrilled to see mobility investments and street improvements that will continue to transform the Convoy District into a vibrant, mix-used, culinary and cultural hub that celebrates San Diego’s AAPI community,” said Councilmember Kent Lee. 

Along with the full asphalt overlay resurfacing, separated bike lanes will be installed on Convoy Street to improve mobility and safety for all modes of transportation. Bicycle network improvements on Convoy Street are part of the adopted Kearny Mesa Community Plan to create connections within Kearny Mesa and with nearby communities. The Class IV bike lanes selected to be installed are physically separated from traffic by buffer space and posts and are also useable by micro-mobility devices such as scooters. The City is also working on the placement and implementation of scooter and bike corrals along the Convoy corridor.  

Because the installation of separated bike lanes will place them next to the curb line, it is necessary to redistribute a limited number of parking spaces to surrounding cross streets. Though the Convoy Business area boasts more than 2,300 public parking spaces, including two paid off-street lots, the City has added additional parking spaces via angled parking conversions on cross streets including Dagget Street, Vickers Street and Opportunity Road as well as new angled parking spaces on Armour Street, Brinell Street and Pepsi Drive.  

The City has also completed a parking study identifying available parking around the Convoy business area and is working with the Convoy District Partnership to create a community parking district to implement parking management solutions. Some potential solutions identified in the study include wayfinding signage, shared parking agreements with nearby businesses and privately operated shuttle services that could serve as a convenient means for transporting patrons from nearby major employment centers during busy times. 

More information about the project including construction updates, scope of work, the Convoy parking study, mobility-focused presentations and the Kearny Mesa Community plan can be found at the City’s Bicycling Projects page.