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More Innovative Solutions in the Fight Against Homelessness: The H Barracks Safe Parking Site 

The additional Safe Parking site will transform lives and strengthen community safety

H Barracks map

With the proposed Kettner & Vine shelter in mind, our vision for use of H Barracks has come into sharper focus. 

After months of community engagement and analysis of our greatest needs in our broader shelter system, we have decided to move forward with a new Safe Parking Program at the City-owned site near the airport.  

The site will provide a safe place to stay for about 200 unhoused people and families who are currently living in their vehicles, significantly expanding this vital service to many people who are experiencing homelessness for the first time.  

The Safe Parking program offers meals, bathrooms and supportive services to help people end their homelessness. The H Barracks site is an ideal location for the program.  

This approach not only acknowledges the immediate need for shelter, but also addresses the broader goal of connecting individuals to long-term housing solutions, support services, and the resources necessary to regain stability. 

This move will also significantly enhance our ability to enforce the Vehicle Habitation Ordinance effectively, ensuring that our streets and neighborhoods remain safe and accessible for all San Diegans. 

By nearly doubling the capacity of our City’s Safe Parking Program, H Barracks marks a substantial leap forward in our comprehensive strategy to combat homelessness, which includes outreach, shelter, housing solutions, enforcement, and access to mental health and substance abuse treatment. 

The H Barracks Safe Parking site exemplifies our dedication to creative, actionable solutions in the face of our city's homelessness challenge. It's a clear demonstration of our belief that every piece of city land should be leveraged to benefit our community, especially during times of crisis. 

Together with Kettner & Vine, our plan for H Barracks underscores our dedication to turning the tide on homelessness in our city.