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Progress in Transforming H Barracks

H Barracks demolition San Diego

A milestone has been reached at the H Barracks site, where all buildings have now been demolished.   


This essential step paves the way for both the site's long-term use hosting facilities for San Diego's innovative Pure Water recycling project, as well as for the site’s interim use as a site for homeless services. Over the next few months, work will continue one site to improve the area. 

H Barracks is set to become a part of the City’s successful Safe Parking Program, providing a secure and managed environment for individuals and families who lost their housing and are forced to temporarily live in their vehicles.

The transformation of H Barracks represents a significant step forward in our efforts to provide compassionate solutions for homelessness while simultaneously advancing a major water infrastructure project that will benefit San Diego for generations to come. 

h barracks demolition