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National Preparedness Month: Make a Readiness Plan Today

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Following recent weather events in the region, including a tropical cyclone and extreme heat, the City of San Diego’s Office of Emergency Services (OES) urges everyone to take time during National Preparedness Month to review safety procedures at home and work. Being prepared is the best way to lessen the impact of potentially life-threatening situations, such as wildfires, earthquakes, major storms and flooding.  

Every September, the City highlights the importance of disaster preparedness for individuals, families and communities, but planning for emergencies can happen throughout the year. This includes taking measures to be prepared before, during and after an emergency or a disaster. 

“The extreme weather events we have experienced recently remind us to have a plan for emergencies and to focus on our climate resilience,” said Christopher Heiser, Executive Director of the City’s Office of Emergency Services. “There is no better time than National Preparedness Month to think about safety.”  

With resources available to the public, San Diegans can review their personal emergency plans, create an emergency supply kit and stay informed. There are a number of preventative measures San Diegans can also take to help keep their families, pets, homes and businesses safe. Getting involved with community groups and organizations is an excellent way to remain prepared throughout the year. 

Alert San Diego 

The countywide Alert San Diego is a regional notification system that will send telephone notifications to residents and businesses within San Diego County in areas of expected or actual impact by an emergent event or disaster. Sign up at

Fire Safety 

With increasing periods of hot and dry weather in San Diego, fire season is now a year-round potential for our region. The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department encourages all San Diegans to use Ready, Set, Go! as a guide to prepare their home and family for the possibility of a major fire. The Ready, Set, Go! action plan provides information, multiple checklists and suggestions for what you need to best prepare you and your family in the event a major fire threatens your home, including a printable contact information sheet and more. 


Because of its location on two tectonic plates, California is a high-risk area for earthquakes. Earthquakes can happen without warning and can result in injuries and damage to property and roads. The State of California offers a free PDF icon Homeowners’ Guide to Earthquake Safety that can help you prepare for an earthquake and determine what to do after an earthquake occurs. 


The City provides Flood Insurance Rate Maps and National Flood Insurance Program information that can help property owners prepare in areas near the coast, along rivers and creeks and in low-lying areas. Also, people who live or work in areas downstream from reservoir dams could be impacted if a dam failed due to an earthquake or other catastrophe. Learn more about Floodplain Management tools.

Emergency Evacuations 

In any emergency, it is important to follow the recommendations of our public safety professionals. The San Diego Police Department provides evacuation coordination for safe and expeditious clearing of residences and businesses during emergency situations when necessary. Listen and follow their instructions during an emergency evacuation order, it may save your life. 

About the San Diego Office of Emergency Services 

The City of San Diego's Office of Emergency Services strives to promote a secure and resilient City with the capabilities required across the whole community to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to and recover from threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk to the citizens we serve. 

Learn more about the San Diego Office of Emergency Services on the City’s website where we provide information on emergency preparedness, including the new Hazards Dashboard to monitor potential threats and other important topics. 

In order to address climate hazards, the City has developed Climate Resilient SD, a comprehensive plan to prepare for, respond to and recover from climate change-related impacts and improve local communities.