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Welcoming San Diego is a City of San Diego initiative designed to advance the civic, social and economic integration of immigrants and refugees. We envision a vibrant, inclusive, and safe binational region that attracts families and businesses from around the world and that all San Diegans can flourish in. As the birthplace of California, San Diego is a gateway for newcomers searching for freedom and opportunity. Our strength and future is tied to our ability to ensure New Americans can fully participate in civic life, access public resources, and contribute their skills.

San Diego was awarded the Gateways for Growth grant to bring together other local government agencies, nonprofits, educational institutions and businesses to develop a strategic plan on immigrant integration. In February of 2019, the City of San Diego formally launched the Welcoming San Diego Initiative accompanied by the Welcoming San Diego Strategic Plan. The City’s Immigrant Affairs Manager is responsible for continuing this effort.

PDF icon City Council Resolution R-313834: Declaring the City of San Diego as a Welcoming City


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