Far South Border North

Artists and cultural practitioners are distinct in their capacity to tackle our greatest challenges in provocative and experimental ways, often stimulating dialogue with and about new contexts, and using ideation and creative forms of investigation and communication. Artists and cultural practitioners are an essential conduit through which people can engage with public health, energy and water conservation, climate mitigation, civic engagement, and social justice.

Far South/Border North supports artists and cultural practitioners to work in service of the health and well-being of communities in San Diego and Imperial counties. Through Far South/Border North, artists and cultural practitioners connect with one another and the community, offering an important platform for guiding campaigns to cultivate awareness, social cohesion, and connectivity, particularly in the region's most impacted communities, contributing to health equity.

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Arts and culture are critical to the health and well-being of California. To support recovery and the environmental, civic, and social engagement of California’s most disproportionately impacted communities, the California Arts Council, in partnership with the State legislature, developed California Creative Corps. Far South/Border North (FSBN) was conceived by the City of San Diego and its regional partners as a California Creative Corps arts program for San Diego and Imperial counties to do just that.

FSBN is a two-year investment in the financial support of San Diego and Imperial County artists and cultural practitioners in the community. FSBN provides grant funding and development opportunities for artists and cultural practitioners whose primary residence is in San Diego and Imperial counties. This program supports artists and cultural practitioners in developing and implementing campaigns to cultivate awareness, belonging, social cohesion, and connection, particularly in most impacted communities. Communities located in San Diego and Imperial Counties’ lowest quartile of the California Healthy Places Index will be prioritized.

FSBN aims to integrate arts and culture into public work and to demonstrate the need for intersectionality in tackling our pressing regional challenges and opportunities. It also highlights the vast potential of artists and cultural practitioners working alongside nonprofits and government agencies to contribute to health equity within our communities.

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