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If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1
Non-Emergency Calls, 24 hours:
619-531-2000 or 858-484-3154
Emergency from outside of San Diego:

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3  Apply Now

Apply for a permit or license to operate a police regulated business within the City limits

Apply for a temporary restraining order

Apply for a single-organization media identification card (for those that work for and provide service to only one media organization)

Apply for a multi-organization media identification card (for freelancers who provide service to more than one media organization)

Apply for a permit for special events impacting traffic such as parades, running events, street fairs, block parties, stadium events, Sports Arena events or concerts

Apply for a job with the Police Department

Apply for an alarm permit

3  Find Now

Get a copy of a traffic collision report

Find out how to obtain a temporary restraining order

Find out if someone is in County jail

Find out if or where your car was towed

Find volunteer opportunities at the Police Department

Learn about pre-paid parking cards, residential permits, enforcement holidays, and other parking topics

Find information on an impounded vehicle

Find the status of your auto theft case

Find information on crime statistics and related maps

Find and contact the detective who is working on your case by calling your community's police station

Find information on special events, road closures, evacuations, earthquakes, and other major events

3  Pay Now

Pay for your parking ticket/citation

Pay for your alarm permit

3  Report Now

Report a narcotics-related incident

Report a non-emergency issue through the Citizens' Online Police Reporting System

Report problems with street lights, potholes or traffic signals

Report graffiti

Report a financial crime, including fraudulent checks, credit card transactions, and credit applications

If there is a vicious or dangerous animal running loose or someone is being attacked, call 9-1-1.

To report a non-emergency issue with an animal or report non-vicious dogs running loose or off leash, contact Animal Regulations at 858-278-9760 x 2866.

Report a stolen vehicle

Report a complaint against a beverage establishment

Report a vehicle that has been parked at the same location on a city street for more than three days (72 hours)

3  Request Now

Request a check of your home while you are on vacation

Request a ride along with a patrol officer

Request additional patrols in your neighborhood