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Fines and Fees

NOTE: Delinquent library accounts are referred for collection when unpaid bills are more than $49.99 on an account.

Borrowing Threshold Change

Effective Oct. 1, 2015, the bills threshold for borrowing privileges has been set to $10. Accounts with $10 or more in bills will be unable to borrow library materials. Details in PDF icon English | PDF icon Español .

Overdue Fines

(Revised 7/1/2015)

Material Audience Material Type Daily Fine
Adult Books $0.30 $20.00
Magazines $0.30 $5.00
Video* **$1.00 $20.00
Audio (books, MP3, music) and CD-ROM $0.30 $20.00
Paperbacks, pamphlets, pictures and other uncataloged material $0.30 $5.00
Young Adult & Juvenile Books $0.10 $5.00
Magazines $0.10 $5.00
Video* **$1 $10
Audio (books, MP3, music) and CD-ROM $0.10 $5.00
Paperbacks, pamphlets, pictures and other uncataloged material $0.10 $5.00
Museum Pass (10 and 14 days)   $0.30 $20.00
Reference   $1.00/hour $100.00
Portable Electronics - Take Home   **$5.00/day  
Portable Electronics - In-House   **$2.00/hour  

*Video materials are: DVD (Digital Video Disc), VC (Video Cassette), VCD (Video Compact Disc), DVC (Described Video Cassette), VD (Video Disc) and VHS (Video Cassette).

**Change in fines beginning July 1, 2015

San Diego Circuit Fines

The San Diego Public Library is now a member of the San Diego Circuit. (See the PDF icon press release for more details.)

The San Diego Circuit allows library users to quickly borrow materials free of charge from other Circuit consortium libraries including:

  • University of California at San Diego
  • California State University San Marcos
  • University of San Diego
  • San Diego County Library System
  • San Diego State University
Fine Type Amount
Late Charges $1.00 per day up to a maximum of $15.00 per item.
Lost Item $100.00 assessed on the 16th day an item is late. No refunds will be given once payment has been received for a lost item.
Unpaid Fines Unpaid fines will be referred for collection, which could result in additional charges and reporting to a credit agency.


(Revised 7/1/2015)

Fee Description Amount
Library Card Replacement Adult Card $2.00
Juvenile Card $1.00
Material Replacement Adult Materials Cost of item
$10 Processing Fee
Young Adult & Juvenile Materials Cost of item
$5 Processing Fee
Magazines & Paperbacks Cost of item
Uncataloged Materials Cost of item
Library Card Fee Resident None
Non-resident $32**
Photocopies Self-Serve per page (black and white) $0.20 per page
Self-Serve per page (color, Central only) $1.00 per page
Staff copies per page $0.25 per page
$5 per item mailed
Microfiche Reader Printing. Printed by patron from coin operated machine. $0.15 per page
Inter-library Loan Non-refundable fee per request $5 per request
Test Monitoring   Discontinued

**Change in fee beginning July 1, 2015


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