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Park Use Permits and Applications

Balboa, Mission Bay, Presidio and Shoreline Parks

Visit our permit center at Balboa Park Administration Building, 2125 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101, or call us at 619-235-1169 for more information.

Developed Regional Parks Permit Applications

Permit Applications

All inquiries requesting a facility or park use permit must submit the following application:

All events requesting over capacity must submit a Reservation of Space application.

All City Wide Special Event or events requesting vendors, street closures, or alcohol sales must contact DRP Permit Center Office. For more information see Special Events & Filming

Other Applications and Park Permit Rules:

Applications do not guarantee reservation of the requested location or date and are processed in the order they are received. However, staff will do their best to find a suitable alternative if necessary. Customer/Payee must have an account at SDRecConnect. An application for a permit will be accepted not less than ten (10) days before the date on which the proposed activity or event is to be conducted (SDMC §63.0103) . For more information, please contact the Developed Regional Perks Permit office at 619-235-1169 or send the application directly via email to

Luxury Picnic Permitting

Permitting Guidelines:

  • A park use permit is required regardless of event size
  • All permittees must follow all Parks and Recreation Department rules and regulations
  • Provide a copy of Certificate of Liability with the endorsement page (example) with the City of San Diego named as an additional insured party
  • Parks and Recreation Department fees will apply
  • Two (2) hour minimum/four (4) hours maximum
  • One (1) permitted picnic per day/per location
  • Not allowed on City beaches (sand)
  • No glass
  • No alcohol
  • Must not impede emergency access points


  • Ground use fees will apply for all events 50 and over
  • Special Equipment Fee: $24.85/per day/per equipment
  • Opportunity Fund Fee:
    • (Under 50)

      • Commercial: $5.18/per hour
      • Non-Profit/Non-Commercial: $1.04/per hour
    • (50 or more)
      • Commercial: $15.53/per hour
      • Non-Profit/Non-Commercial: 10:36/per hour

Locations: Park capacity in ()

  • Mission Bay Park: (Map)

    • Fanuel Park (50)
    • Sunset Point (150)
    • Ventura Cove (200)
    • Playa I (300)
    • Vacation Isle West (200)
  • Shoreline Parks: (Maps)
    • Ellen Browning South (80)
    • Saratoga Park (75)
    • Sunset Cliff-South Cuvier (10)
    • South Palisades (Will require a Reservation of Space and CEQA/NORA process)
  • Balboa Park: (Maps)
    • Botanical Lawn East (100) Not available until Summer 2024
    • Botanical Lawn West (100) Not available until Summer 2024
    • The Arbor (75)

If you have any questions, please contact the Permit Center at or 619‑235‑1169. A park-use permit will be required for all picnics regardless of the size. All picnics prohibited from setting up on City beaches (no sand).

Long-Term Beach Bar Permits

Long-Term Beach Bar Permits

The Park and Recreation Department's Developed Regional Parks Division maintains small beach areas where boats may be left overnight in several areas west of Ingraham Street. Some beach bars are limited to vessels 14 feet or fewer in length and eight feet wide. On others, maximum vessel length is 17 feet.

Mooring Permits

Mooring Permits

Owners of boats up to 25 feet in length may apply for permits to use mooring locations in three areas of Mission Bay - San Juan Cove, Santa Barbara Cove and Mariners Basin. The permit to use an in-water mooring space is non-transferrable. The physical buoy and tackle are the property of the permit holder.

Nonprofit Surf Camps

Nonprofit organizations wishing to conduct surf instruction/camps on City of San Diego beaches should contact the Parks and Recreation Department’s Permit Center for information on the permitting process. There are a number of requirements that authorized nonprofit entities must meet, including insurance, CPR and first aid certifications, and adequate staffing.

View a map of locations designated for nonprofit surf camps

Application and Requirements

To join the email list to receive information about additional opportunities, please fill out the form below:

Balboa Park Pedicab

Balboa Park Pedicab

Balboa Park Pedicab permits are issued by lottery on the first Thursday of every month at 10 a.m. Late arrivals will not be issued a permit.

Lotter Location
Balboa Park Administration Building, 2125 Park Blvd. (Park Boulevard at Inspiration Point Way).

Permits cost $45 per month (transaction fee included) and are valid within Balboa Park only. Only cash or money order are accepted as payment. Balboa Park Pedicab Permits are non-transferable.

What to bring

For more information, contact the Park Ranger office at 619-235-1122.

  • City of San Diego Pedicab Operator's Permit and a City of San Diego Pedicab decal on the Pedicab.
  • Valid photo identification (i.e. State Driver's License or passport)
  • The Pedicab must be available for a visual inspection. Bring it with you to the lottery.

Events at Community, Neighborhood, Mini-Parks and Lake Grounds

The City of San Diego maintains over 300 community, neighborhood and mini parks. If you would like to hold an event at one of these parks, please contact the staff at the nearest recreation center.

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