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Capital Improvements Program (CIP)

Project Information

The City is committed to transparency in government by making project information available online. The public can track the progress of all active City CIP projects using the below resources.

Upcoming Street Overlay Resurfacing Activities

Over time, street surfaces degrade because of traffic and the environment. Many pavement maintenance programs overlay or rehabilitate pavements to restore their ride quality and structural capacity. Eventually, the roadways deteriorate to a point where rehabilitation becomes too expensive and can be challenging due to the underlying pavement conditions. That's when street resurfacing, also known as asphalt overlay, is needed. Below is a link to the upcoming street resurfacing list from the City's contractors. These timelines are subject to change and the list will be updated as needed.

Upcoming Street Resurfacing Activities

CIP Project Search Tools

There are two methods to view project information, both based on the same data.

Capital Improvements Program Project Map Viewer

CIP Project Map Viewer

Capital Improvements Program Project Data Search

Search Using Project Data

This search allows you to locate projects near a property address within the City of San Diego using an online geographic information system (GIS) mapping application.

How to Search for Projects Near a Specified Address

This search allows you to search for a list of projects using the following search options:

  1. Project Name
  2. Council District
  3. Phase of Construction (Planning, Design, Bid & Award, or Construction)
  4. Project Number

For questions or concerns, call (619) 533-4207, email or submit your inquiry online.