The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) reports page is bringing our City government closer to San Diegans. This page is actively updated with CIP reports and information.

Five-Year Capital Infrastructure Planning Reports

These reports provides information on the basis for revenue projections, criteria to determine capital infrastructure needs, and presents a broad overview of capital infrastructure needs and anticipated funding over the next five fiscal years.

State of the CIP Status Reports

These reports are part of a larger group of enhanced reporting activities, outlined in PDF icon Council Policy 000-31 Capital Improvement Program Transparency, to help keep the City Council and public informed about the City’'s CIP. The report provides an introduction to the City'’s CIP, a summary of the last fiscal year CIP related activities, and a preliminary CIP update for the current fiscal year. The report’'s exhibits include a summary of CIP projects complying with Americans With Disabilities Act requirements; a list of prior year expenditures by CIP projects; and an updated list of construction projects that are anticipated to be awarded in the current fiscal year.

Deferred Capital Reports

Miscellaneous CIP Reports

  • California Multi-Agency CIP Benchmarking Study: The study compiles the CIP implementation experiences of seven out of the eight largest cities in California, including the City of San Diego. The compilation helps develop improved capital project delivery process approaches and maximizes efficiencies in the face of shrinking budgets.
  • PDF icon Top 4 Issues Conducted by the San Diego Regional Construction Procurement Committee, the white paper identifies the top four public agency design and construction issues that impact infrastructure growth and management in the San Diego region. It also provides recommendations for public agencies to improve the procurement and delivery of public infrastructure projects region-wide.