Stay Secure, San Diego

The San Diego Regional Cyber Lab’s mission is to provide the greater San Diego region with coordinated cybersecurity awareness through collaborative access to tools, intelligence, and a trained and capable workforce. This group – consisting of cybersecurity experts, academics, local CEOs and public officials – works together to enhance cybersecurity resilience through timely sharing of information and analysis, and provides specialized training with safe environments to simulate and defend against cyberattacks.

Free Cyber Simulation Tools

The Free Range

Provides a collaborative, cloud-based platform for training, development and testing of cybersecurity tools in a safe and controlled environment.

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The Haiku Range

Cybersecurity equivalent of a flight simulator: users of all levels will develop real-world skills in a game-like virtual environment.

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Cyber Incident Simulator

Cloud-based cyber incident simulator specifically designed for small and medium sized organizations.

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