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We the People, Sing Our Song

Civic engagement


Civic engagement, including election participation




Neil Kendricks

The We the People, Sing Our Song campaign encourages greater civic engagement within San Diego’s racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse populations as active participants in our nation’s democracy. The interactive comics campaign follows multiple subjects in the San Diego region sharing their honest, candid thoughts in a multimedia “town square” captured in podcast-style audio recordings linked with analog and digital drawings illustrating key moments in the subjects’ anecdotal stories. The campaign promotes election participation in the lowest quartile California Healthy Places Index communities as a necessity to sustaining a healthy and resilient democracy on both the national and local levels by chronicling the stories of first-time voters and election workers. Democracy is not a spectator sport; people must get involved. We all have “skin in the game,” as they say. The stakes could not be higher in our post-pandemic environment and the nation’s divided political landscape.


Neil Kendricks

Neil Kendricks is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, filmmaker, and educator. Kendricks earned a Master's in Television, Film, and New Media from San Diego State University in 2006. Kendricks launched his mixed-media "Strange Fruit" drawing series as a participant in the Art Produce Gallery's 2020 Artist-in-Residence program. The exhibition "Mirror, Mirror: Lights, Camera, Dreams!" at Bread and Salt Gallery showcased his short films and storyboards in 2021. Kendricks' exhibition "Temple of Story" which combined large-scale drawings with audio recordings of his short stories inspired by past, present, and future pandemics, was shown at the Oceanside Museum of Art 2021/2022.  His new experimental short film, "Book of Skin," will complete postproduction in 2023.

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