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My cancer journey: Navigating the thorns, cultivating roses and relinquishing these treacherous titties in the journey of healing

Public health


Public health to stop the spread of COVID-19 and associated diseases or health disparities


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Berenice Badillo

Recently diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and undergoing a double mastectomy this past fall, Badillo’s campaign focuses on associated diseases like breast cancer and focusing on the health disparities that impact survival rates of Black women and women of color as well as the impact COVID-19 had on the delay of diagnosis, care, and treatment. The objective is to shed light and discuss these health disparities as well as the stigma, lack and lag of resources, misdiagnosis, and the psychological impact of being diagnosed with breast cancer as a woman of color. Through multimedia platforms, the campaign helps to inform targeted California Healthy Places Index communities of cancer risks, the need for mammograms, and advocating for more preventive care. The first phase of the campaign focuses on documenting the artist’s cancer journey through the creation of personal art making. Within this process, the documentation and research of art therapy interventions for cancer patients, as well as other methods of alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety, include meditation, biofeedback, guided imagery, and journaling. A Tik Tock channel will document topics that include psychological reactions and processes of having breast cancer, encouraging discussions, and providing resources from a lived experience. It will also follow Badillo’s work on a mural for Chicano Park. A critical component of the campaign will highlight the impact of the pandemic on delayed cancer diagnosis through interviews with cancer influencers, survivors, and health workers and the discrepancies that COVID-19-19 has exasperated with people of color in regards to not detecting cancer earlier.


Berenice Badillo

Berenice is a Spanish-speaking Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, illustrator, muralist, and multimedia artist. She is an immigrant from Mexico and has straddled intertwined cultural and subcultural identities her entire life. She illustrated an award-winning book, "Am I Blue or am I Green?" that explores the identity and impact of a boy's life with undocumented parents in the United States. Berenice strives to document and encourage the creation of communal cultural wealth through murals, sculpture, pop-up art galleries, and the co-creation of counterstories. Berenice believes that representation is important and sees art expression as a means to amplify the voices of BIPOC and disseminate the stories of their community where it can be witnessed on a grand scale. Berenice is a Chicano Park muralist with a doctorate in art therapy and a social-emotional learning consultant.

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