In Collaboration with the Passerby

In Collaboration with the Passerby



In Collaboration with the Passerby consists of site-specific sculptural interventions at varied locations within the Otay Valley Regional Park. The Otay Valley Regional Park represents one of the major open space areas within southern San Diego, linking South Bay with lower Otay Lake Reservoir. These interventions are intended to be interacted upon by the environment of the park itself, and will undergo changes throughout their temporary placement in the park. The artists will document the interventions as they evolve and accumulate material, markings, and interactions from their surroundings. As the sculptural interventions will be installed in somewhat remote locations near the extensive trail system within the park, the project is intended to be experienced as photographs and map locations that will be presented in hard copy in the informational kiosks at the ranger station on Beyer Boulevard. Along with the hardcopy versions, photos and trail maps of the artists’ travels through the park while researching, collecting materials, installing and maintaining the interventions are made available as digital searchable links through GPS mapping programs to include Alltrails and other social media outlets. Through these platforms interested community members can find profiles of the artists’ biking and hiking adventures within the park, and follow along as they post images of the sculptural interventions and the changes along the trails. Open space is, like art, undefined and full of potential, it constantly questions the values of space, ideas, ownership, stewardship, and control. For this project, the artists have created individualized, subtle, site specific, interventions that respect the social anarchy, and natural processes of open space.

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Otay Valley Regional Park
2369 Beyer Blvd
San Diego, CA 92173

Palm City Neighborhood

Council District 8


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