About Park Social

About Park Social


Park Social is a citywide initiative introducing social-specific public art into San Diego's vast and varied park system.

Park Social is a citywide social-specific public art initiative and the only initiative of its kind in San Diego.

Conceptualized in 2020 by the City of San Diego, Park Social will run from May 21 to November 20, 2022.

Socially engaged with both its parks in San Diego and wider conversations on the role of contemporary art, Park Social aims to be conduit for innovation and public engagement - a generative, art platform that explores the City of San Diego’s park system and creates exchanges with San Diego parks and park-goers.

Working in parks across the city, Park Social commissions artists and collectives to develop and present eighteen temporary works in San Diego that relate to a space or spaces in the City’s park system and directly connect the park goer and the park, sparking dialogue and encouraging people to get out into the parks and experience them in new unexpected ways. These potential participants, collaborators, and contacts will energize artistic practice and provide individuals and communities with a moment of contemplation, surprise, beauty, irony, or humor. The six month initiative includes events, installations, happenings, and performances.

Park Social considers San Diego’s unique parks system, varied park spaces, and recreational facilities. From regional resource-based parks with trails and natural landscapes to community and neighborhood parks to developed regional and shoreline parks and spaces. These different park typologies interconnect to form a citywide ever changing, dynamic parks system.

Park Social strengthens social connections and bolsters a dynamic artistic landscape with the City’s park system. Park Social spent the entirety of 2021 exploring the public park environment, working with artists, neighborhoods, sites, and partners for projects to manifest in 2022. Championing the work of San Diego-area artists whose projects exemplify social-specific artistic practices, the initiative engages with a broad and constantly shifting audience. Intervening and interacting in the social spheres of public parks and exploring topics ranging from environmental justice to belonging and social cohesion.

Developed and produced by the City as an arts initiative to help support artists during the pandemic while encouraging people to explore the local natural landscape and public environment.


About the City's Arts and Culture

The City of San Diego advances and drives an equitable and inclusive creative economy and cultural ecosystem by investing in the work of artists and creatives, and the institutions and systems that amplify creative work and experiences; cultivating local participation and access; and advancing San Diego as a global city. Committed to equitable economic development, City arts and culture staff, facilitate the City’s investments in organizations, artists, and neighborhoods. Programs, partnerships, and initiatives range from funding and public art to cross-sector and creative industries. For more information, visit the Commission for Arts and Culture website.


About the City's Parks System

The City of San Diego’s parks system consists of over 42,000 acres of assets, including parks, trails, open spaces, and beaches and shoreline, managed by the Parks and Recreation Department. When combined, these assets make San Diego the second largest urban parks system in the United States by land area. The system also offers a wide array of programs and events at recreation centers, aquatic complexes, teen centers, ranger stations, and visitor centers, welcoming millions of residents and visitors each year. In 2021, the City passed the landmark ‘Parks for All of Us’ Master Plan to make the City’s park system more modernized, equitable and accessible for all San Diegans.








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