Locked Groove

Locked Groove



What propels us forward?
Are we aware of all the cycles that influence our lives?
Can we control these rhythms?
Do we love the dance?

Locked Groove is a looped audiovisual experience that traces and morphs along the entire curb edging of Point Loma’s Plumosa Park. Locked Groove presents a rhythmic visual design using temporary chalk pigments based on conceptual ideas about life rhythms. These rhythms are divided into four themes: domestic, social, industrial, and natural. These rhythms’ graphical patterns are inspired by rhythmic sound palettes designed by the artist and ancient, modern, and contemporary visual media. Audiences can engage with the visual experience of this work at various positions around the park’s perimeter. Audiences can also augment their experience by using digital devices to open a web-hosted, multichannel sound mixer. This app allows audiences to hear the sound art rhythms which influenced the curb graphics. Audiences can also isolate sounds from each theme or mix the four sound fields. “Locked groove” refers to the repeating loops found on vinyl records. Locked Groove has no beginning and end and can be completed as audiences see fit.

Rendering of Locked Groove art installation

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Date and Location

Installation on view:

July 9 -
November 20, 2022

Plumosa Park
3600 Plumosa Dr
San Diego, CA 92107

Point Loma Neighborhood

Council District 2


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