Paletas Communal Social Club, a mobile lab

Paletas Communal Social Club, a mobile lab



Facing the future and reflecting on the past two years, we have all experienced a communal moment of national and global economic upheaval, social reckoning, and that of surviving and thriving under a pandemic. Paletas Communal Social Club, a mobile lab strives to bridge communities in Council District 4 through a series of public park social interventions. In this iteration of Paletas, Mesquita explores how people reconnect and continue to thrive through the collection of their expressions and stories of resilience, processes to thrive, memories, and expressions. Mesquita gathers these expressions through mini-interviews and questionnaires over the Paletas Mobile Lab in exchange for popsicles. Paletas provides an opportunity for community members to share their reflections of the past two years, listen to others, and figure out how to look towards the future as members of various intersecting communities. Shared stories will be interactively featured in a culminating event.

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Kennedy Neighborhood Park
4825 Ocean View Blvd
San Diego, CA 92113

Market Creek Canyon
Marketplace Ave
San Diego, CA 92113

Mountainview Neighborhood

Council District 4


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