Collective Memory

Collective Memory



Collective Memory is a temporary, event-based installation that recreates a sunny afternoon picnic. The community is invited to picnic, socialize, and enjoy the park while they share their experiences of the past two years of living through a pandemic. A dome structure becomes an intimate space for individuals to process collective experiences and the range of emotions accompanying them, such as grief, loss, hope, and joy in the aftermath and continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has affected their families and communities. Park-goers can sit on the blankets and walk in and out of the central dome structure, the Memory Dome. Picnic blankets created from fabric remnants and clothing from community members collected via prior workshops form a circle around the dome. The park and the picnic blankets provide an open space for socializing. Within the Memory Dome are memories and stories gathered from the community in prior workshops. Recreated accounts are text-based pieces written on hanging strips of fabric sourced from the community. A QR code at the park leads guests to an Instagram page containing an archive of the stories, images of the clothing, and anything shared by the community.

  • Art installation rendering
  • Bins of yarn used for the Collective Memory art installation
  • Park visitors enjoying the Collective Memory art installation
  • Park visitors enjoying the Collective Memory art installation
  • Park visitors looking at the Collective Memory bulletin board
  • Bulletin board with a photo of the Collective Memory art installation and postings from visitors

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Date and Location

Installation on view:

Saturday, July 16, 2022

San Ysidro Community Park
212 West Park Avenue
San Diego, CA 92173

San Ysidro Neighborhood

Council District 8


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