The Park Social at Chollas Lake

The Park Social at Chollas Lake

Brian & Ryan have "adopted" Chollas Lake Park for The Park Social at Chollas Lake. Through this multifaceted exploration, Brian & Ryan have created aesthetic junctions that celebrate people’s collective experiences, both real and imagined, while commemorating the park as a living character in a narrative that is both humorous and playful. The Park Social at Chollas Lake has multiple phases that connect to the next. At the beginning of the project, the artist collective collects interviews and feedback from the park goers. Small collection boxes with prompts are placed throughout the park to collect written ideas from park attendees. After this stage, carved logs with portraits of people in the community are sited throughout the park. The phased project also takes over one of the small building structures and uses it as a hub for activities and interaction with the public. These interactions help to develop a series of interventions in the park. Photographic documentation of the interventions and more formal photoshoots with sculptural elements occur throughout the project duration. Large billboard structures are constructed and placed in the lake, housing images of those interventions. An ice cream social reception and published documentation will mark the end of this project. With The Park Social at Chollas Lake, Brian & Ryan hope to revive lost park lore and maybe even help to create some new legends for future generations.

  • A view of Brian and Ryan on the other side of Chollas Lake with a can phone© Stacy Keck Photo LLC
  • Brian and Ryan demonstrating can phones at Chollas Lake© Stacy Keck Photo LLC
  • Ryan explaining the Park Social art project to park visitors© Stacy Keck Photo LLC
  • A smiling child talking into a can phone at Chollas Lake© Stacy Keck Photo LLC
  • Ryan testing a can phone with a child at Chollas Lake© Stacy Keck Photo LLC

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September 12 -
November 4, 2022

Chollas Lake Park
6350 College Grove Dr
San Diego, CA 92115

Oak Park Neighborhood

Council District 4


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