Treeline is a one-day community engagement event and temporary art installation among the trees within John P. Baca park. This project fosters a sense of play, connection, and awareness of place through the formal and metaphorical qualities of line within this neighborhood park. Treeline includes inclusive activities that connect participants through three various line explorations and engagements. These include a free-parts play activity, community weaving reflection activity, and dance activity that will reflect and honor the resident populations based on a conversation with community partners. Participants will be asked to bring a piece of fabric to the event, woven and quilted together and incorporated into a final installation. The artists will hang the work between existing trees at the center and the park's main thoroughfare. After being on display for about two and a half months, this installation will be removed and raffled off to any interested organization or organizations within the community. The physical component of the work may live with the community after the project has concluded.

  • Kline Swonger quilting with park visitors© Stacy Keck Photo LLC
  • Kasi Muñoz and Kline Swonger sitting next to their art installation© Stacy Keck Photo LLC
  • Yarn and other materials used in the Treeline art installation© Stacy Keck Photo LLC
  • Art participants working with yarn© Stacy Keck Photo LLC
  • A folklorico dancer at the Treeline art event© Stacy Keck Photo LLC

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Date and Location

Installation on view:

August 20 -
October 22, 2022

John P. Baca Park
6901 Linda Vista Road
San Diego, CA 92111

Linda Vista Neighborhood

Council District 7


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