Tribute to Paleteros

Tribute to Paleteros



In his project, Tribute to Paleteros, artist Roberto Salas celebrates paleteros. Salas reveres the paleteros as vendor-heroes with desirable treats because they create everlasting memories for generations and park-goers in the instance of Park Social. Tribute to Paleteros takes the form of various large-scale, Popsicle sculptures. As vehicles pass these sculptures, their headlights illuminate these roadside attractions. The drivers are the participants as their cars project lights that glow and animate the pieces. This interaction creates a new art venue, a new museum, a new gallery where anyone driving or walking by can become part of the experience. From this, Salas hopes that community members will become unofficial docents of this new museum, sharing their enthusiasm for the work.

Project By

Date and Location

Installation on view:

June 24 -
November 20, 2022

Standley Park
3585 Governor Dr
San Diego, CA 92122

University Gardens Park
6431 Gullstrand Street
San Diego, CA 92122

University City Neighborhood

Council District 1


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