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Capital Improvements Program (CIP)

Ocean Beach Pier Renewal


Ocean Beach Pier Background

The Ocean Beach (OB) Pier first opened on July 2, 1966. Conceived as a sportfishing pier, the facility enables the public to access and interact with the ocean. There is no fee for walking out onto the pier and fishing licenses are not required.

During the first 25 years of service, the structure received normal ongoing maintenance required by exposure to the harsh marine environment, where it is subjected to wind, waves and the salt‐laden marine atmosphere. In 1991, the pier underwent major structural rehabilitation. Since the early 2000s, exposure to large waves and ongoing degradation has required structural repairs with increasing frequency. The pier has been temporarily closed several times in recent years due to damage suffered in storms and high surf. In 2023, the pier was closed from January to July, reopening just in time for its 57th anniversary. But high surf in October damaged the pier and forced it to close again. The pier will remain closed into early 2024 because of the potential for additional structural impairment during the winter storm season.

Based on the findings of a 2018 study of the OB Pier, the City has determined that pursuing a potential replacement of the pier is the best option considering the ongoing costs of repairs, the need to modernize the existing facility and the anticipation of future sea level rise. The 2018 study by consultant Moffatt & Nichol examined the damage and deterioration of the structure and analyzed three options for the future of the pier: repair, rehabilitate or replace. The study documented various structural problems with the pier and determined that it has reached the end of its service life.

Project Description

This project aims to provide a long-term solution for the 57-year-old pier through a potential replacement.

This City is working with Moffatt & Nichol to design the preferred alternative for the potential replacement of the pier based on input from San Diegans, community impacts, environmental permitting, sustainability, operational usage, cost, historical significance and other factors. The City will host a series of upcoming community workshops to share information about the project and gather input from community members.

A task force was created to represent the community’s interest in the project. The Ocean Beach Pier Task Force includes volunteer community members who were nominated by local advisory groups and representatives from Mayor Gloria’s office, Council District 2 and the City’s Strategic Capital Projects Department.

Project Timeline*

Timeline for Ocean Beach Pier Renewal project


Project Budget*

A project budget will be determined after the preferred alternative is completed. Currently, there is $8.4 million in state funding designated for the project and the City will pursue other state and federal grants.

Upcoming Community Workshops

  • No upcoming community workshops are scheduled at this time.

Past Community Workshops

Workshop #1 - Saturday, April 1, 2023

Full presentation

Workshop highlights

Workshop #2 - Saturday, June 10, 2023

Full presentation

Workshop highlights

Workshop #3 - Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023

Full presentation

Workshop highlights

Workshop #4 - Saturday, April 6, 2024

  • A survey to gather input regarding the specific pier amenities, like lighting and shading options for a potential Ocean Beach Pier replacement, closed on May 7, 2024. The City's consultants are using the input gathered from that survey to create a final design concept, which will be presented to the public in late 2024.

Full presentation

Workshop highlights

Preferred design concept flythrough

Photos and Videos

Councilmember Campbell on Ocean Beach Pier Renewal

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