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Commission on Police Practices


  • Chief Bob Burgreen modified Department procedures to empower the Board to review and comment on all police involved shootings.
  • The Police Shooting Review Board did not have any civilian membership. As a result of a recommendation by the Citizens' Review Board on Police Practices, a community volunteer was selected to sit on the Shooting Board to hear shooting cases. The practice is no longer followed, however, as police shooting cases are now evaluated by the Review Board itself.
  • At the request of the Board, the entire homicide investigation is brought to the Board meeting at which a fatal shooting case is reviewed.
  • At the recommendation of the Board, Chief Jerry Sanders extended the Boards authority to include review of all fatalities which occur during police contact.
  • The Department agreed to provide information regarding prior officer involvement in shootings and in-custody deaths to Review Teams at the conclusion of their case evaluation in the same manner as that information is provided about prior "Not Sustained" complaints.
  • The City Manager established a policy for releasing all Citizens' Review Board Police-Involved Shooting Reviews to the public. (This policy is currently being challenged by the Police Officers Association.)
  • At the request of the Board, tapes of all homicide investigation interviews in officer involved shooting cases will be provided to review team members at their request.