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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has the power and duty to conduct the affairs of the Commission and to exercise such powers as may be delegated to it by the Commission when the Commission is not in session. The Executive Committee meets prior to each regular Commission meeting to take action on setting the Commission meeting agenda. The actions of each Commission committee are submitted to the Executive Committee, which decides what items will be placed on the Commission's regular meeting agenda. The Executive Committee does not take action to approve the actions of the other Commission committees, but rather takes action to determine which items will go forward to the Commission for action. The Executive Committee has the authority to refer items back to the submitting committee or other committees. All actions taken by the Executive Committee will be reported at the next regular meeting of the Commission. The Executive Committee is the only Commission committee which is not authorized to form subcommittees. Additional functions of the Executive Committee include reviewing requests for endorsement and guiding the planning efforts of the Commission.

Chair: Janet Poutre
Vice Chair: Vernon Franck

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