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Commission for Arts and Culture

Opportunities for Artists

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Supporting Artistic Practice in San Diego

The Commission for Arts and Culture works with local, regional, national, and international artists to integrate art into San Diego’s built environment and public spaces. Through its Public Art Program, the City posts opportunities for artists to apply for various public art projects on an ongoing basis.

Current Opportunities


Public Art / Public Sphere 2024: A 3-day Intensive for Artists

Opportunity / Oportunidad: The City of San Diego is seeking applications from artists to participate in Public Art/Public Sphere, a free three-day intensive for artists interested in working in the public realm and competing for public art commissions. This program is not just about the end result, but about the journey of growth and learning. It aims to equip visual and multidisciplinary artists in the San Diego-Tijuana region to translate studio and gallery-based practices into practices in the public realm and to successfully compete for and complete local, national, and international public art commissions. The intensive includes a particular focus on humanity-centered design related to place-based projects. A competitive process will select twenty-five artists to participate. The intensive will occur on Saturdays: July 27, August 3, and August 10, 2024.

La Ciudad de San Diego está buscando solicitudes de artistas para participar en Arte Público/Esfera Pública, un intensivo gratuito de tres días para artistas interesados en trabajar en el ámbito público y competir por comisiones de arte público. Este programa no se centra solamente en el resultado final, sino en el viaje de crecimiento y aprendizaje. Su objetivo es equipar a artistas visuales y multidisciplinarios en la región de San Diego-Tijuana para convertir prácticas basadas en estudio y galería en prácticas en el ámbito público y para competir con éxito por y completar comisiones de arte público locales, nacionales e internacionales. El intensivo incluye un enfoque particular en el diseño centrado en la humanidad relacionado con proyectos basados en el lugar. Un proceso competitivo seleccionará a veinticinco artistas para participar. El intensivo tendrá lugar los sábados: El 27 de julio y el 3 y 10 de agosto del 2024.

Eligibility / Elegibilidad: This opportunity is open to all artists residing in San Diego County or northern Baja California, regardless of their background or experience. The only requirement is that the artist has not previously been awarded a government contract for a public art commission exceeding $20,000. 

Esta oportunidad está abierta para todos los artistas que residan en el condado de San Diego o en el norte de Baja California, independientemente de su formación o experiencia. El único requisito es que el artista no haya recibido previamente un contrato gubernamental para una comisión de arte público que supere los $20,000 dólares. 

Application Deadline / Fecha Límite de la Solicitud: The deadline for applications is Friday, June 14, 2024, 5:00 PM PDT.

La fecha límite para las solicitudes es el viernes 14 de junio del 2024 a las 5:00 p.m. PDT.

Download RFQ Here: Public Art / Public Sphere RFQ

Download RFQ en español: Public Art / Public Sphere RFQ en español  

Online Application Form*: Apply here

*Please read the instructions in the RFQ carefully before completing the Online Application Form
*Lea atentamente las instrucciones de la solicitud de presupuesto (RFQ) antes de completar el formulario de solicitud en línea.

Public Art / Public Sphere is recognized as an initiative within the WDC2024 Community Program of the World Design Capital 2024. This activity is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.

View and Apply for a Public Art Opportunity

NOTE: It is NOT necessary to register with PlanetBids to submit an application for Public Art / Public Sphere.
NOTA: No es necesario registrarse en PlanetBids para presentar una solicitud de Arte Público/Esfera Pública

Register as a vendor with the City of San Diego to complete an RFQ and/or be notified when opportunites for artists are available. Complete the vendor registration form by following this link:  

To register you will need to:

  • Read the Vendor Registration instructions in the User Guide carefully.
  • Create a user name and password.
  • Have your federal tax ID# or your SSN available.
  • Select your Business Category: 96104 Artists (including Digital Artists).
  • Receive an email from PlanetBids confirming successful registration access to the site within 24 hours. You will receive notifications of opportunities related to your business category as they become available.