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Conservation and Management

To report damage to a public artwork located on City of San Diego property, please call (619) 236-6808 or email Christine E. Jones at [email protected]

The City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture oversees the conservation and management of the artworks owned and controlled by the City. The Commission provides extraordinary maintenance; monitors the collection, and works with other City departments who provide routine maintenance. The Commission undertakes conservation and maintenance projects using artists, skilled maintenance technicians, and qualified fine art conservators when necessary. Artworks are selected for conservation based upon severity of condition, historic and artistic significance, and importance to the community. Conservation demonstrates the City's respect for the past and increases public awareness of the collection.

The Commission also oversees the installation and movement of artwork, creates and maintains collection records and inventories and condition assessments, and reviews proposals for donations and loans of artwork to the City.

PDF icon Administrative Regulation 95.00 - Management of the Civic Art Collection

PDF icon Department Instruction - Collection Management Policy for the Civic Art Collection

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