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Commission for Arts and Culture

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative

As part of the Mayor’s commitment to a City that works for all, the Commission has made great strides to ensure that the resources it distributes, are distributed in an equitable manner. To support this, the Commission has launched the DEI Initiative. A three-part initiative to assess our successes and deficits and ensure that the Commission is equipped to provide public sector work within the city’s diverse communities.

DEI Assessment: Part One of the DEI Initiative will assess existing policies, procedures and practices and analyze historic procurement practices to identify unintentional or intentional biases in representation, contracting and the distribution of funds.

DEI Training: Part Two will consist of workshops and trainings for Commission staff and Commissioners on diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and unconscious bias.

DEI Public Engagement: Part Three will entail public engagement opportunities with the purpose of sharing findings of DEI assessment with the public as well as provide capacity building and professional development opportunities centered around equity and diversity.