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City Council

The People's Business - July 30, 2021

Monday’s Special Meeting of the City Council begins early to accommodate the large number of items on the docket before the summer Legislative Recess which begins August 4.  Agenda items include an ordinance on “ghost guns”, an increase in the Capital Improvement Program Budget and a Statement of Budgetary Principles.

From the Office of Council President Jennifer Campbell  Campbell


Special Meeting of the City Council – August 2, 2021 – 11 a.m.


SIx items fill the day’s agenda:


Item 600 - Performance Audit of the Purchasing and Contracting Department’s Small Local Business Enterprise Program – The Office of the City Auditor conducted a performance audit of the City of San Diego Purchasing and Contracting Department’s Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) program.  The objectives were to determine if the SLBE program is achieving the economic benefits described in policy and determine if the cost of contracting with SLBEs is captured and weighed against the economic benefits.  The audit also looked at whether the annual reports are an accurate and complete representation of SLBE program objectives and results.


Ghost Guns 1Item 601 – Report on the Proliferation of Personally Manufactured Firearms “Ghost Guns” in San Diego - A ghost gun is a term for a homemade, personally manufactured, firearm that lacks commercial serial numbers and can easily become untraceable due to the lack of identifying markings.  Kits can be purchased online that contain the components of a nearly complete firearm and can be assembled at home, in minutes, into a fully functional weapon.  The number of ghost guns recovered by SDPD is increasing. It is believed these numbers will continue to rise unless new legislation is enacted to address loopholes in the purchase, manufacture and assembly of ghost guns.


Ghost Guns 2Item 602 – Eliminate Non-Serialized Untraceable Firearm (E.N.U.F.) Ordinance - Unregulated “ghost guns” undermine federal and state laws that would normally block access to guns for people who pose danger to themselves or our communities —including violent criminals, domestic abusers, individuals suffering from mental illness, and terrorists.  This item requests approval of an ordinance to amend the San Diego Municipal Code to help address the rapid proliferation of “ghost guns” in San Diego. This Ordinance is tailored to be consistent with State and Federal laws, while addressing existing loopholes. The E.N.U.F. Ordinance will prohibit the possession, purchase, sale, receipt, and transportation of non-serialized, unfinished frames and unfinished receivers, and non-serialized firearms within the City of San Diego.


Item 603 - Authorization to Increase the Fiscal Year 2022 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget with 2021 Lease Revenue Bonds and Commercial Paper Proceeds to Fund Critical Infrastructure Needs - On December 8, 2020, the City Council approved an ordinance for the issuance of the Public Facilities Financing Authority of the City of San Diego 2021 Lease Revenue Bonds.  Following Council approval of the related bond offering document in March, the 2021 Bonds were issued and bond proceeds received on April 20, 2021.  The 2021 Bonds provide $145.0 million in new capital funds for:

  • Stormwater projects                                                 $49.6 million
  • Mobility Transportation projects                            $59.5 million
  • Parks and Recreation projects                                $20.7 million
  • Citywide General Fund Facilities projects              $14.7 million
  • Governmental IT projects                                         $550,000


Item 604 - Proposed FY 2022 Statement of Budgetary Principles – The Statement of Budgetary Principles was first put into place in FY 2008 to address issues of budgetary authority and to provide a means to communicate budget changes between the Executive and Legislative branches following budget adoption each year.  The Principles represent an annual agreement between the City Council and the Mayor.  The Independent Budget Analyst recommends that this practice continues in FY 2022.


Item 605 - Combined Appropriation Authorization for $148 million - Various General Fund Supported Priority Capital Needs – The City has high priority capital projects and public safety and environmental services capital needs in the near term.  City Staff request City Council authorization to identify financing proceeds from Note and/or Bond offerings to ensure the timely delivery of the purchases.  These purchases include fire engines, public safety radio modernization and other Capital Improvement Programs.



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