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Councilmember Jennifer Campbell (District 2)

Councilmember Jennifer Campbell

photo of Jennifer Campbell

Councilmember Jennifer Campbell was born and raised in Colorado and grew up ready to help people. Raised in a working-class family – her father, a union machinist, and her mother, a secretary and community volunteer active in politics - Councilmember Campbell learned at a young age the value of citizen involvement in our democracy and how government affects people’s daily lives. Councilmember Campbell and her partner, Suzanne, have six children, nine grandchildren, and three great-grandsons. 

Even though women were rarely allowed into medical school in the 1970s, she was accepted to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Councilmember Campbell practiced and taught medicine for four decades, is board certified in Family Medicine and Holistic Medicine, and is an acupuncturist. She moved to San Diego in the early 2000s and immediately became active in the community.

In 2018, Councilmember Campbell won the election to represent Council District 2 on the San Diego City Council. She was elected Council President in 2021. Then in 2022, she was reelected to continue as the representative for Council District 2. Councilmember Campbell has proven her strong leadership since taking office with numerous significant initiatives:

As a family physician, Councilmember Campbell focuses on creating new solutions to address homelessness as a public health crisis. She has supported the opening of multiple shelters in District 2, including the Harm Reduction Shelter, which is dedicated to the medical treatment of homeless individuals who want to end their addictions. She also worked with Councilmember Marni von Wilpert to create the Conservatorship Unit in the City Attorney’s Office, which provides services for those unable to care for themselves. Councilmember Campbell also helped to increase the number of Safe Parking Lots for San Diegans living in their vehicles. This program provides families and individuals with immediate services and is one of the most successful programs that helps individuals experiencing homelessness find permanent housing.

Affordable Housing:

Councilmember Campbell forged the historic landmark regulations for Short-Term Vacation Rentals. The Short Term Residential Occupancy Ordinance helped decrease the number of whole-home Short-Term Vacation Rentals, making more housing available to those who live and work in San Diego. This ordinance also provides regulations to end nuisance short term rental properties. Additionally, to upgrade a blighted neighborhood in District 2, Councilmember Campbell brought forward the Midway Redevelopment Project to provide affordable housing, parks, commercial and office space, jobs, and a new Sports Arena/Entertainment Center. She has also supported the creation of thousands of new affordable residential units across San Diego in the last five years.

Neighborhood Services in District 2:

Councilmember Campbell was chosen to be the chair of the new Community and Neighborhood Services Committee in 2023. Neighborhood Services are a top priority for Councilmember Campbell. This includes successfully passing the Sidewalk Vendor Ordinance to prioritize keeping the City’s open spaces safe and accessible for San Diegans while encouraging entrepreneurship. Furthermore, for 20 years, the citizens of Ocean Beach asked for their 100-year-old library to be expanded and modernized. Councilmember Campbell helped secure $11.5 million in funding for the Ocean Beach Library Expansion and Modernization Project. The Bermuda Avenue Beach Coastal Access Project has also been a top priority for Councilmember Campbell. This project started in early 2023 and was completed within a year to ensure access to the beach for residents, tourists, and the City’s Lifeguards. Councilmember Campbell also secured $8.4 million to begin the Ocean Beach Pier Renewal Project, which is currently ongoing. Furthermore, in 2019, when San Diego was overwhelmed with electric rental scooters, Councilmember Campbell supported the Shared Mobility Device Ordinance. This ordinance bans motorized vehicles from the boardwalks, Mission Bay Park, and Balboa Park, with the exception of motorized wheelchairs. These are just some of the neighborhood improvement projects and initiatives that Councilmember Campbell and her office have completed.

Public Safety:

Councilmember Campbell supports important public safety measures to ensure that the San Diego Police Department is addressing crime, the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department is responding accordingly to emergencies, and the City’s Lifeguard Division is keeping our beaches safe. She also has supported measures to ensure San Diego’s public safety personnel have competitive wages to recruit and retain this workforce. Councilmember Campbell also supported the creation of the new Commission on Police Practices, the adoption of the Alliance Model for the City’s ambulance program, and voted in support of the City’s Smart Streetlight and License Plates Recognition technology program. 

Saving the Environment:

When Councilmember Campbell was Chair of the Environment Committee, she led the creation of San Diego Community Power. She also brought multiple actions that furthered the Climate Action Plan, including a resolution declaring a Climate Emergency in San Diego and saving Fiesta Island as a Dog Park and a safe habitat for endangered bird species. Councilmember Campbell also worked with the Parks and Recreation Department to ensure the City’s pesticide and herbicide programs reduce toxicity for plants, people, and animals. She supported a balance between recreational use and climate progress around Mission Bay and signed our City to the International Monarch Butterfly Pledge to save pollinating bees and butterflies. Councilmember Campbell also supports the Pure Water Program, which will ensure that San Diegans have clean drinking water in the future. Additionally, she serves on the state’s San Diego River Conservancy Board to protect and improve the San Diego River and its tributaries. 

Defeating the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Councilmember Campbell Co-Chaired the COVID-19 Committee, providing her medical expertise on how the City navigated the pandemic. As a physician, she also administered vaccines and explained how testing, masking, and vaccines were critical in protecting San Diegans and preventing COVID-19 deaths. District 2 was host to the first, Monoclonal Antibody Regional Centers (MARC) in the County. The MARC made a significant impact in saving lives.