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Commission on Police Practices

Bonnie Benitez

Bonnie Benitez

Low & Moderate Income Area Representative


Bonnie Benitez, Esq. is a New York native who has lived in San Diego since 1995. She received her B.S. from Arizona State University and her J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law. Commissioner Benitez serves as the Executive Director and CEO of Consumer Attorneys of San Diego (CASD), a membership association serving the needs of San Diego trial lawyers who represent individuals who have been wronged, injured, or had their constitutional rights infringed upon by others. Commissioner Benitez has consistently engaged in the larger San Diego nonprofit community through the Fieldstone Leadership Network; University of San Diego; CA Labradors, Retrievers, & More; and Mid-City CAN (Community Advocacy Network) where she serves as Board Secretary.