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These Guide Specifications are standard specifications for engineering projects.

The Guide Specifications provide generic draft material which must be edited by the user into project-specific contracts with minimum effort.

Originally, the Clean Water Program Guidelines consisted of ten volumes. Specification sections of Divisions 0 through 10 were all included in Volume V. Volume VI contained all specification sections of Divisions 11 through 16. The revision tables (V5rev and V6rev) and the table of contents (V5toc and V6toc) refer to the contents of Volume V and Volume VI respectively. Currently, although the contents of Division 0 are shown in the revision table and table of contents of Volume V, the actual specifications of division 0 are, by management decision, retained with our Services and Contracts Division. Therefore, all questions from users in connection with Division 0 specifications must be directed to Services and Contracts Division for proper information. The inclusion of Division 0 specifications in the revision table and in the table of contents of Volume V is intended to show only the continuity of the specifications.

User Responsibilities

The City of San Diego makes no warranty either expressed or implied as to the accuracy or reliability of the information contained in the CWP Guide Specifications. The Design Consultant, Contractor, or other users shall assume full responsibility for project-specific usage of these Specifications in compliance with:

  • Requirements of federal, state, and local laws and ordinances
  • Current applicable commercial and industry standards and specifications for engineering projects

The Specifications may not be complete enough or coordinated enough for all projects. Therefore, the Specifications must be approached from that perspective. The user is responsible to make them project-specific by adapting the Guide Specifications, editing or amplifying them as necessary to meet the project requirements.

Specification Appearance

Specification sections are numbered according to the 16 division CSI numbering system. The 3-part CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) format, (PART 1 - GENERAL; PART 2 - PRODUCTS; PART 3 - EXECUTION), has been used in the preparation of these specifications.

Notes to Specifier (NTS)

Some material has been included which may not be appropriate for all projects or from which the specifier must select one alternative. "Notes to Specifier" (NTS) identifies specification editing information.

Square Brackets [ ]

To make the Specifications easy to use, some typical values have been anticipated and placed inside square brackets [ ] to signify that the user must address their appropriateness in specific applications. In some instances, blank square brackets are provided showing where the user must fill in a number or a phrase. In other instances, two or more square brackets have been provided, one of which contains a typical value or phrase; these will also be handled in the same manner as the single bracket with an anticipated value.


Each page of each specification section is made to contain a footer with certain information which will be required for contract document preparation. Square brackets on the footer of each Guide Specification indicate where the month and year of bid advertisement and the number and name of the project are to be entered on the 100 percent complete specifications. Square brackets must be edited out before the specifications are final.

Influence of Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (SSPWC) for Construction Outside Public Rights-Of-Way

Since the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (SSPWC) quite adequately covers certain facilities, it is included by reference as a part of the CWP Guideline Specifications. The SSPWC covers most types of projects in public works construction, such as sewers, pipelines, roads, gutters, and storm sewers in public right-of-way. It does not adequately address the broader needs and practices of complex projects.

Manufacturer's Names and Equipment Model Numbers

Specifications contain manufacturers' names and equipment model numbers in some specification sections. This effort is meant to define the standard of quality but not to encourage sole-source purchases. These need to be reviewed to identify up to date manufacturers and equipment models.

Subcontractor and Manufacturer Experience Requirements

The San Diego City Attorney has found, in a Memorandum of Law dated August 11, 1994, that in general, random or arbitrary years of experience criteria for subcontractors and manufacturers deter the full competition which is intended for public contracts and therefore cannot be supported. Requirements such as "10 successful projects within the last 5 years" are not acceptable in project specifications.

However, an experience criterion of "at least one project of comparable size and complexity in the recent past" would support competition.

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