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Anthem Blue Cross Select Information

Anthem Blue Cross Select Premiums

Available to Local 145 Classified & Unclassified

Coverage TypeAnnualMonthlySemi-monthly
(24 pay periods)*
Employee only$8,074$672.86$0.00$336.43
Employee & Spouse/Domestic Partner$18,845$1,570.45$0.00$785.22
Employee & Domestic Partner (post-tax)**$18,845$1,570.45$448.79$336.43
Employee & Children$15,470$1,289.19$0.00$644.60
Family (Domestic Partner post-tax)**$26,427$2,202.27$456.54$644.60

* Variances Due to Rounding
**Domestic partners can only be enrolled on a pre-tax basis if they qualify as a tax dependent under IRS guidelines.  To enroll your Domestic Partner on a pre-tax basis, submit a Tax Dependent Certification form which can be found on the Flexible Benefits website.