311 Customer Experience

The City Auditor’s  PDF icon Performance Audit of the City’s Public Right-of-Way Maintenance Activities (May 2015) and the Mayor’s One San Diego Transition Advisory Committee Blueprint recommended that the City improve customer service by exploring options to implement a 311-style customer service platform.

To actively address this recommendation, in FY 2016 the Performance & Analytics Department developed the  PDF icon Customer Experience & Service Delivery (311) Roadmap.  P&A engaged City staff representing various departments and functions through information gathering sessions, interviews, and surveys.  This process led to recommendations associated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software implementation, including estimated CRM software costs, phasing and staffing options.

Review the Roadmap to learn more about the options the City is considering.

Get It Done Poster JPEG

Get It Done

In addition to the Roadmap, the 311 Customer Experience team partnerned with the Transportation & Storm Water Department and the Department of Information Technology to develop the Get It Done pilot project.

Launched June 2, 2016, Get It Done offers customers a streamlined web interface for reporting problems and a new mobile app.  The pilot also enables the City to utilize CRM software to efficiently process incoming reports.

Valuable customer and employee feedback is being collected as part of the Get It Done pilot.  This feedback will inform and shape the phased implementation of the broader 311 Customer Experience program as outlined in the Roadmap.

Customer feedback highlights:

"Quick response to the traffic light. Thanks. Great Job, City of San Diego."

"I love the app. I'm so happy that I'm able to help out the city by notifying them of potential issues around the city."

"The reporting process was easy and the problem was dealt with quickly."

"Oh this app and the response is fantastic! I would've spent hours trying to get to the right department and even trying to find the right number to call via telephone or internet.  The problem was taken care of so fast!  Thank you."

"Very prompt and complete service. City Employee was very courteous, and well informed. Thank you for the excellent service."

"Thanks for the prompt response! The painting over of the graffiti was complete from one end of the fence to the other and not done just on the graffiti itself. Painting the fence completely is the correct way to obliterate the vandalism! Great job!"