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Performance & Analytics

Inderpal Pamma

Inderpal Pamma

Program Coordinator

Inderpal Pamma is a Program Coordinator who joined the City of San Diego's Performance & Analytics Department in November 2020.

Before joining the City’s team, Inderpal spent time with Stanislaus County, FutureProof, and LA Conservation Corps. While in graduate school, Inderpal worked on a report for San Diego Gas & Electric to consult on their pathways to improve sustainability and continued decarbonization. His passion for addressing local challenges is a result of conducting research on compost in California’s Central Valley.

Inderpal graduated with a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy & Strategy and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from California State University, Stanislaus. When not working, he likes to maintain a balance between active (yoga, hiking, basketball) and inactive (watching shows, watching sports, reading) activities.