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High-Tech Single-Space Parking Meter Pilot Project

Project Summary

A four-month pilot project is being conducted by the City in cooperation with the Uptown and Downtown Community Parking Districts to evaluate new high-tech single-space parking meter mechanisms. The pilot will determine the suitability of this enhanced technology for broader use within the City.

The new mechanisms are quickly and easily installed in existing single-space meter housings/poles. The solar-powered mechanisms are more environmentally friendly than existing single-space meters reducing battery usage and disposal when compared to existing mechanisms. Real-time communication capabilities provide more complete and timely information/statistics, allow greater flexibility and control of parking meter rates and include more robust displays with better information and instructions for users. The technology also provides a broader range of payment options including credit cards and is one of many important components necessary to better manage City parking resources.

On January 19, 2009, 51 of the enhanced mechanisms were installed in existing City single-space parking meters at various Uptown and Downtown locations. This milestone marked the completion of the implementation phase of the project and beginning of the evaluation phase.

Later in the project, new parking stall sensors will be tested. The sensors, which are attached to parking stall pavement, detect when a vehicle enters/exits the stall and communicate with the new meter mechanisms.

Project Highlights

Evaluation Period: January 20, 2009 through April 20, 2009

Number of Meters: 51

Mechanism Vendor: IPS Group, Inc

Pilot Project Areas:
3800 4th Ave (24 meters) 600 West G St (5 meters)
600 6th Ave (13 meters)
500 Market St (6 meters)
600 5th Ave (3 meters)

Evaluation Criteria: Evaluation Criteria for Enhanced Mechanism Pilot (PDF)

Payment Methods: Credit card, coin, pre-paid parking value card

Key Stakeholders: City of San Diego, Uptown Partnership, Uptown Community Parking District, Center City Development Corporation, Downtown Community Parking District, Downtown Parking Management Group

Project Outreach

Project Results

  • TBD