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Multi-Space (MS) Pay Station Pilot Project

Project Summary

A nine-month pilot project was conducted by the City and Downtown Community Parking District to evaluate multi-space parking meter technology in a production environment and determine its suitability for broader use within the City. This technology has the potential to increase occupancy and turnover of parking spaces, provide more complete and timely information and statistics, increase parking meter revenue, and provide greater flexibility and control of parking meter rates. The technology also provides a broader range of payment options including credit cards and is one of many important components necessary to better manage City parking resources.

On June 5, 2006, 50 Cale Multi-space Pay Stations were put into service at various Downtown locations within a predetermined pilot project area. The Cale pay stations replaced 309 POM single-head parking meters previously installed at these locations. This milestone marked the completion of the implementation phase of the project and beginning of the evaluation phase.

Project Highlights

Evaluation Period: June 5, 2006 through April 5, 2007

Number of Pay Stations: 50

Pay Station Vendor: Cale

Pilot Project Areas: PDF icon East Village , PDF icon Ball Park , PDF icon Core Columbia

Evaluation Criteria: PDF icon Evaluation for Multi-Space Meters

Multi-space Configuration:Pay and display

Payment Methods: Coin, credit card, Pre-paid parking value card

Community Input: PDF icon User Survey , PDF icon Web Survey

Key Stakeholders: City of San Diego, Center City Development Corporation, Community Parking District 1, Downtown Parking Management Group

Project Outreach

Project Results

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