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Roadway Improvement Detail

Ballpark Project:

Street Segment Direction
J St 7th - 8th (1/2) south
10th - 11th north
Intersection 8/J
Intersection 9/J
Intersection 10/J
Intersection 11/J
roadway 7th - 8th
roadway 8th - 9th
roadway 9th - 10th
roadway 10th - 11th
roadway 11th - Park
K St 10th - 11th north
roadway 10th - 11th
L St 6th - 7th (1/3) south
Drop Off Dr. L St - Park (1/2) north-east
L St - Park south-west
roadway L - Park
Imperial Park - Trolley south
roadway Park/Trolley
Park Blvd Drop Off - Imperial north-west
Intersection Park/Imperial
Imperial - 10th north-west
Intersection 10th/Park
Intersection 11th/Park
11th - K St north-west
Intersection K/Park
roadway Drop - Imperial
roadway Imperial - 10th
roadway 10th - K
median diagonal
Demo & Abatement Park Blvd.
Intersection Harbor/Park
Intersection Trolley/Park
Drop Off Dr - Imperial south-east
11th Ave Island - J St west
K St - Park east
roadway J - K
roadway K - Park
10th Ave Island - J St east
K St - Park west
intersection 10/K
roadway J - K
roadway K - Park
7th Ave K St - L St east
L St - Hotel east
roadway J - K
roadway K - L
roadway L - Hotel
J - K St (existing bldg) east

Memorandum of Understanding
Attachment A - Map of Infrastructure Improvements
Attachment A1 - Infrastructure Expense Summary
*Attachment A2 - Roadway Improvement Detail
Attachment B - Land Acquisition Parcels
Attachment B1 - Land Acquisition Summary
Attachment B2 - Summary of 5,000 Parking Spaces
Attachment C - Hotel Credit Zone
Attachment C1 - Substitute Ancillary Retail Development
Attachment D - RFP/RFQ Zone
Attachment E - General Target Timetable
Attachment F - Padres Protection of Revenues
Attachment G - Ballpark Protection Zone

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