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General Target Timetable


8/3/98 Padres execute MOU.
8/4/98 City Council approves ballot measure forsubmission to voters.
10/1/98 Terms agreed for extension at QualcommStadium.
11/3/98 Ballpark Project vote.
12/3/99 Certification Date.
1/1/99 Budget Estimates for Ballpark, Land, PublicParking and Infrastructure finalized.
2/1/99 Finalize Baseline Ballpark Program andminimum design standards.
2/14/99 Finalize estimate of property/possessoryinterest tax and Transient Occupancy Taxrevenue for Ballpark and Phase 1.
3/15/99 City comments on Final Baseline BallparkProgram and minimum design standards.
4/1/99 Finalize binding agreement with Padres,Developer and/or others for Phase 1 andreceive assurances for Substitute AncillaryDevelopment (if any) and 1,000 roomConvention Center Expansion hotel.
4/1/99 Receive commitments for Other RequiredFinancing Investments ($21 million).
4/1/99 Receive Padres first priority lien on NationalLeague Franchise.
4/1/99 Execution of DDA or DA for Phase 1.
4/1/99 Begin land acquisition.
TBD Finalize EIR and PDO amendment (if any).
TBD Ballpark groundbreaking.
TBD Execute City financing - 45 days after latterof certification of EIR, or adoption of PDOamendment.
6/1/00 Padres deposit first of eight (8) quarterlypayments - subject to acceleration.
2/1/02 Substantial Completion of Ballpark Project.
3/1/02 Operational start-up of Ballpark.
3/31/02 Substantial Completion and Certificate ofOccupancy for Phase 1.
4/1/02 Opening Date.
10/1/02 Deposit Ballpark construction savings (ifany), up to $5 million, into CapitalExpenditure Reserve Fund.





Memorandum of Understanding
Attachment A - Map of Infrastructure Improvements
Attachment A1 - Infrastructure Expense Summary
Attachment A2 - Roadway Improvement Detail
Attachment B - Land Acquisition Parcels
Attachment B1 - Land Acquisition Summary
Attachment B2 - Summary of 5,000 Parking Spaces
Attachment C - Hotel Credit Zone
Attachment C1 - Substitute Ancillary Retail Development
Attachment D - RFP/RFQ Zone
*Attachment E - General Target Timetable
Attachment F - Padres Protection of Revenues
Attachment G - Ballpark Protection Zone

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