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Euclid and Market Land Use and Mobility Plan About the Plan

Euclid and Market Land Use and Mobility Plan


The scope and intent of the Master Plan is to:

  • Encourage a mixed-use transit-oriented village area. Download the map of the PDF icon master planning area .
  • Address implementation, feasibility, and urban design issues associated with creating a smart growth mixed-use setting within this predominately urbanized community.
  • Identify where roadway, sidewalk, and streetscape improvements should occur in order to enhance mobility, connectivity and safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, automobile drivers, and transit riders.
  • Provide community members the opportunity to evaluate and plan for future enhanced mobility and mixed-use development opportunities.

Schedule and Timeline

City staff anticipates the entire planning process taking 10 to 12 months. The work only includes planning and does not include the zoning or environmental work which will occur when the entire community plan is updated starting in 2013.

Consultant Team

The City has hired Wallace, Roberts and Todd as the primary land planning consultant to conduct the master planning process. Subconsultants include:

City Staff

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