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Community Project LocationPFFP Project NumberProject Title4Resolution Ordinance NumberRA Execution DateDeveloper NameReimbursement Agreement Total
DowntownP-8North Central Square Park RAO-2164005/01/2023Bosa$8,996,800
Black Mountain RanchVarious2006 Master AgreementR-30182009/05/2006BMR LLC$165,228,113
Black Mountain RanchVarious First Amendment to BMR 2006 RA OO-21235-110/28/2020BMR LLC 
Black Mountain RanchVarious2014 Master AgreementO-2041711/20/2014BMR LLC$16,714,641
Mission ValleyP-6 & RTCIPCivita Park & RTCIP ProjectsO-2021903/18/2013Sudberry$64,936,188
Mission ValleyP-6 & RTCIPAmendment to Civita Park & RTCIP ProjectsO-2097508/15/2018Sudberry$13,086,805
Otay MesaP-2Dennery Ranch Neighborhood ParkO-2063011/31/2016Pardee$15,100,000
Otay MesaP-2First Amendment to Dennery Ranch NH Park RA/PDAOO-215811/11/2023TriPointe Homes$6,900,000
Otay MesaT-9.2 & T-35RA with TriPointe Homes for Otay Mesa T-9.2 & T-35R-313726 10/25/2021TriPointe Homes$2,979,395
Otay MesaT-11.1RA with TriPointe Homes for Otay Mesa T-11.1R-3150878/23/2023TriPointe Homes$1,804,069
Pacific Highlands RanchP-2RA-PDA PHR P-2 McGonigle Canyon Neighborhood ParkO-212158/18/2020Pardee $7,993,629
Torrey HighlandsVariousMerge 56 RAOO-2123610/28/2020Sea Breeze 56 LLC$37,660,000